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trying not to be a pouty brat

FH and I are in desperate need of a getaway. Between selling our house in MI, moving to MD, and starting new jobs; our lives have been in total upheaval since April. My birthday is on Tuesday and FH had booked a hotel in Newport News for this coming weekend. I was REALLY looking forward to getting away for a couple days and relaxing.

Well, last night a friend of FH's from MI called to see if this weekend would be a good one for him to fly down and catch a Ravens game because his wife is going to be out of town for work and FH said YES. />:( So now, I'll be spending what was supposed to be a relaxing and romantic weekend with FH and his buddy, AND I won't even get to see his wife (my friend) because she's not coming. :'(

I am trying really hard not to be a pouty brat (FH is going to move our reservations out a couple weeks) because I know he's missing his friends. But seriously!? He couldn't have asked him to wait a week or two!?

Re: trying not to be a pouty brat

  • he did this without asking you? and he knew he had already booked  it.? id be upset
  • He knew he could cancel without any fines/fees with the hotel, and didn't think moving it out was a big deal. I was sitting here while they were on the phone and he gave me the "is this okay?" look. I wasn't going to say no because I know how badly he's missing his friends. It's one of those "he should know I'd be upset, even if I gave the go ahead" situations. 

  • ugg id be upset.  and it seems like buddy is only coming that weekend cause SO outta town i guess for me it woulda been nice if he had chosen a weekend where she would come too.

  • Id be upset too. We're actually sort of in the same boat. Fi's best man moved back from AZ recently and so I know exactly what you're talking about. Im waiting for the honeymoon phase to dissipate before I get him back to myself lol
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  • I  can understand being disappointed... BUT  I am a total football girl!!! SOOO I WOULD BE GOING WITH THEM TO THE GAME..LOL...

    But I am sorry that your special weekend got cancelled.. well DELAYED..
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  • Sorry. Have so been there! :(  I would try to find an affordable spa or even just take off on your own for a mani-pedi and relax. There also might be a museum or other experience that you could pursue on your own and give  them guy time. Then he can re-focus on you!

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    [QUOTE]It's one of those "he should know I'd be upset, even if I gave the go ahead" situations. 
    Posted by WalkersFurMama[/QUOTE]

    <div>You're not being a pouty brat... I would be really bummed too! FI and I have learned to avoid most of these "he should know" situations - if I know that I'm going to be upset about a change of plans, I speak up immediately but quietly (i.e. "honey we are supposed to do X this weekend and I was really looking forward to it... can't you guys do Y next weekend?") That way he is notified right away that I'm going to be bummed and we can discuss/compromise right then and there. </div>
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