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Centerpieces...What Are You Doing???

Im in the process of coming up with centerpieces and I was hoping to see what other brides did or are doing for their centerpieces.  I was thinking of using the tall glass cylinders, like 24" tall, and filling them with water and then stuffing them full of bleached starfish' and a floating candle at the top, as well as small votive candles and beach glass spread around the center of the table....

What do we think of this idea ladies?  Yayyy or naaayyyy...water or no water??

Let me know what you ladies are doing if you dont mind!

Happy Planning!



Re: Centerpieces...What Are You Doing???

  • dwfangirldwfangirl member
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    I love that idea!!  I am working on figuring out centerpieces with  my florist right now... I think we are going to do sunken flowers. I LOVE the look of water in centerpieces, and I am also a total sucker for white finger starfish, so I say super YAY.  :)  
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    Thanks lovie!  ;)


  • HStaffordHStafford member
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    I think that sounds like a great idea - its always nice to be able to play up the natural beauty of the beach and use as many as the natural elements as possible - sounds great! 
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    I have decided to use beta fish in glas bowls with light up gems on the bottom.
    seashells and starfish surrounding the bottom. Once the reception is done the kids can take the fish Laughing
  • mparwulskimparwulski member
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    You could also do colored water with floating candles or flowers.

    I'm doing blue simple blue hydrangea and green hypericum berry arrangements in small square vases lined with ti leaves for nice green contrast.  I am going to alternate the flowers with glass hurricanes filled with sand, a pillar candle and seashells.  Then I'll cluster random candles and votives around them.
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    We are using small tin sand pails and my mom is arranging flowers in them.  Also using a combo of shell candles that I made and tealights and holders all around the table.  I want lots of candles and lots of flowers!  We are also using glass vases with sand and shells with candles down the aisle.  Planning on bringing them back up to the reception and putting them around the pool for dinner and dancing.
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