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Bad Handwriting...

I've decided to make my own save the date cards. The only problem I'm having is my handwriting! I think the cards themselves turned out really cute and I don't want to ruin them with my horrible handwriting. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing as just having a place that does invitations and that sort of thing only doing the writing on my handmade cards?
Each color set represents a Disney princess, our wedding will be on a Disney cruise so I thought this was fitting.

Re: Bad Handwriting...

  • you could use a calligrapher - they only do writing. or depending on what / how much info, you could order a custom stamp?
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    The custom stamp will probably be cheaper than a calligrapher.  etsy has lots of sellers that make custom stamps.
  • I agree with the custom stamp idea. Esty does them. If you're hell-bent on hand-written, though, I'd ask a friend with nice handwriting to help out! :)
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    I've actually never seen the wording for a save the date hand written.  Why not type it up and paste it on?  I'm sure you could do it in a cute way.  Then have a friend or family member help address the envelopes.
  • Look for someone who does digital calligraphy in your area.  They should be less expensive than a calligrapher.
  • I agree with the custom stamp. You can use different inks for each one also (if you choose/depending on budget) The red and blue snow white- blue. the teal and purple for ariel- teal. the yellow on yellow for belle- "rose" red. the purple on purple for Rapunzel- frying-pan silver
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  • Cant you do a test and send them through your printer? I know staples and kinkos print for you also. 
  • If your parents' names will be on the top line of your wedding invitations, then it's your parents who are issuing the invitation to the wedding - and it's your parents who are asking the guests to save the wedding date on their calendars.

    So go ask your mom how she wants to handle this.  My mom is old-school, and she insisted on handwriting what she called HER invitations.  I sat with her and sealed and stamped.  And when I tell people that my mom was very possessive about what got mailed to the guests, I have heard time and time again that my mom did this the way it was supposed to be done according to proper etiquette and tradition.  Ask your mom...
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