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Does anyone know of a good place that won't charge an arm and a leg for a vegan(and gluten free) cake or cupcakes? Most of the normal places are charging a ton for just a top tier. I have some severe allergies and so do most of my bridesmaids. Thanks. 
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Re: Vegan Cake/Cupcakes

  • You might try Treehouse Bakery-they're vegan, but I don't know about gluten-free. Gluten free tends to up the price because the flours are more expensive.
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  • Cake Contessa
    vegan cupcakes 4.oo each
    top cake 45
  • Try Whole Foods. Seriously. The second you add the word "wedding" to anything, including a baker, it will triple the price. I am not vegan, but my FI is semi gluten free (he has excema, which isn't an allergy, but if he is having a bad flare up cutting out gluten for a few weeks helps him clear it up) and their vegan/gluten free cakes are so good that I will (almost) take them over a regular cake most days. Their prices aren't too much higher than a regular grocery store bakery. I think their cupcakes are like $2.50 or $3 each and you can get a small cake for like $15. I'm sure if you went crazy with the decorations the price would go up, but it is worth a shot.

    We're planning on getting our cake (a regular cake with gluten and eggs/dairy) from the Paradise Valley store and we have had nothing but excellent customer service thus far. And we have also been quoted at about 1/2 of what a "wedding cake" bakery quoted us at.
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