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November 2010 Weddings

Bachelorette Party - Poll!

Hey Ladies,
My bachelorette party is going to be Halloween weekend, and I reallllly want to dress up in some sort of group costume.  I'll have around 10 people, I think, and they are all sizes (and modesty levels, heehee).  I need help deciding what we should dress up as, so let's hear your thoughts! 

Re: Bachelorette Party - Poll!

  • PS, I would like to be the center of the group costume, since I'm the bride... not trying to be bossy, just honest :)
  • I saw a bachelorette/bachelor party going on in our local park the other day where the bride and groom were dressed as Princess Peach and Mario, respectively, and  the friends were dressed as other characters or items from the Super Mario Bros games.
  • Have you talked with your bridesmaids about this?  I only ask because I am one of those people that is not comfortable in costume, if I were in someone's bridal party and was required to dress up for a b-party it would make me really uncomfortable.  I'm not trying to put a damper on your plan I would just make sure your bridal party is just as excited as you are.  Good luck!!
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  • Zombie apocalypse bacherlorette party. That is all.
  • You could find some really awesome 80s style wedding dresses at thrift stores. Add chunky jewelry, big bangs, and blue eyeshadow, and you are made.
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  • ditto Linds.  I'd be really uncomfortable dressing up like that in public.
  • I chose zombie, but I personally like to go all out for halloween.
  • You guys would be uncomfortable dressing up on Halloween?  I'm pretty sure that everyone invited dresses up every year and goes to parties/bars, but I'll double-check...  Thanks everyone for your input :)
  • In Response to Re: Bachelorette Party - Poll!:
    [QUOTE]You guys would be uncomfortable dressing up on Halloween?  I'm pretty sure that everyone invited dresses up every year and goes to parties/bars, but I'll double-check...  Thanks everyone for your input :)
    Posted by angieandjames[/QUOTE]

    Yea - I'm just not comfortable in costume, I feel silly, awkward, etc - I also dont like to be the center of attention so that could be it as well - I know its halloween and your not the only one dressed up, I just feel more comfortable in my own clothes - but thats just me.  I would say if they all dress up every year you should be good to go, otherwise you may have some uncomfortable friends on your hands. 
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  • OMG, I thought Zombie bride before I even read the choices in your poll. I do love Halloween though, and can understand that some people might be uncomfortable with that. You could dress as a zombie bride yourself, the rest of your guests don't necessarily need to dress up with that theme.
  • I was planning on doing my party the same weekend- and doing the 80's theme!  Just talked to a few of my BM's about it this weekend.  I think it would be so fun.  The bars in my hometown are always packed that weekend.
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  • edited June 2010
    I am with some of the other girls. I don't really like dressing up either I guess if everyone was it wouldn't be a big deal but not sure if I would want to.  I chose the angel devil because that way you guys are dressed up but can still look cute and the pictures would be good. If I had to dress up that's what I would pick.
  • I never grew out of playing dress up.  I think a costume b-party would be great fun!  Holloween is supposed to be the day or night you get to be anyone or wear something you never would during the rest of the year.  Go for it!  Have fun!  BTW, I voted zombie.
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  • The vision I'm getting is either nightmare before Christmas or Scooby Doo, etc. TV show characters. I know my close friends and I planned on doing the Mystery Gang for Halloween, but I'm also tempted to do little rascals.
  • Definitely 80s theme....You could wear an outfit similar to Madonna when she performed Like a Virgin on the MTv awards. That would be awesome!!!!!
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