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XP: Very Confused. Step-divorced-deceased parents

We are still over a year away from our wedding, but my Aunt is using her talent to make the invitations for us and she wants to start working on some templates in the near future. 

The easy part, my parents; Mr. and Mrs. No big deal. Where is gets complicated is my fiance's side. His biological dad left his mom when he was 3. Bio dad is not a great person, but might help with the wedding. If he does, I feel like I have to put it on the invitation. His mom passed away 3 years ago, and his absolutely wonderful step-dad (who is dad for all intensive purposes) just got remarried last year. I love his step-dad and the new wife and they are who I consider my future in-laws. It would be easier to state "along with their families," but I like the idea of more traditional wording.

 My head is spinning with this problem, and I would greatly appreciate and advice. 

Re: XP: Very Confused. Step-divorced-deceased parents

  • Wait until you figure out who is actually hosting.   'Together with their families' could be the best bet here or listing your parents at the top might make the most sense if FI's step dad and bio dad do not host.
  • This is a pretty clear "Together with their families" situation. It will save you a lot of stress and confusion and work and family politics.

  • Thanks ladies. =)

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