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Wedding dress dilemma

My goal was to start looking for my dress in the Spring. No rhyme nor reason but I just thought now was too early to try and find the right dress especially since I haven't even started my fitness program or even started to get back in shape . BUT...all of that went out the window when I saw this dress yall. For real I fell in love now I understand what people mean when they say that they found THE DRESS. My question to my Knotties is do you think this is too much of a dress for a garden wedding in the Bahamas? I mean, my FH is wearing a white linen suit and my girls are wearing chiffon dresses. Me, I wanted a nice, simple, chiffon gown, until i saw this dress. I posted pics of the dress as well as my girls' dress. I don't want to over do it but this dress is hawt!!!!!
Does it goes well with the chiffon BM dress? The only alterations I will have done will be to shorten the train and maybe remove a layer of the tulle but that's it. What do you think?

Re: Wedding dress dilemma

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    I think because it look skind of see through in the stomach area that it will be okay for a garden wedding but I am by no means a professional.  BUT when I look at your girls dresses they look very relaxed and that dress looks more formal.  I don't know Undecided. Sorry!
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    The dress is beautiful! Have you actually tried it on though? It seems like it might be a little heavy, and you'd be hot.
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    I would say that since your wedding is so far off that you have time.  No need to make the decision right now. 

    Plenty of ladies on this board can tell you how they found "the dress" and then months later they found their dream dress.  Ended up buying the sencond dress and selling the first dress.  I totally understand the excitement that comes along with finding the "dress" but I don't want you to have regrets down the line. 

    Did you find this dress on a fluke or did you set out to go dress shopping?  If you didn't go shopping you should take your mom and MOH and go.  Even though I already knew what dress I wanted I would not trade that experience with my mom for anything.  If you find another dress great if not then you know this one is the one. 

    Maybe you can find that same style BM dress but longer? 
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    The dress is nice.  But you should wait to go shopping, you don't want to buy it and the in the spring find a different dress and want that one too. Would be a waste of money.

    Also that dress looks heavy and hot, something lighter would be perfect for the a garden wedding.

    I think your BM dresses look fine and will go with whatever you decide.
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    Ok so I agree with everyone.. I say try it on first.  If you want to go now that is fine but you should try it on first.

    Since you are a year out start research now, get bride magazines- so I bought one from Michaels for a dollar because it was old ( like two months old). I know people on the classifieds boards are always trying to sell their old mags. Tear out photos of all the styles and dresses you would consider even trying and keep those.

    Then take those when you decide to go shopping. Christmas time might be a good idea because the stores wont be too crowded. It isnt too early but take it from me when you find the dress STOP looking. at one point i had money on 3 different dresses. A mess!!!!
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    OMG, thanks everyone.  Yes I found this dress in a bridal boutique in town and went in with my cousin just to "see" what they had and I tried this dress on.  The fabric is organza which is light like chiffon and it's not as heavy as it looks but I would remove a layer of the tulle from the dress. 

    What i will do is go for another fitting with my moh and bms and my mom for their opinions as well in a few weeks.  If I do decide to get this dres then I have seen some long gowns for the BMs instead of this one.  Thanks again ladies!
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    Organza is a really nice material. If you tried it on and felt comfortable I say get it. You are the bride and I think you should out shine the BMs. That's just my opinion. This dress shouldn't be too hard to take in once you get in shape.

    BTW: I love that dress!!!!
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    Thanks Ms. Carla, like the girls above said, i have some time to change the BM dresses around but this dress is the business!  I'm a curvy girl so it's not too much I need to loose but I do want/need to get AND stay in shape because I've been slacking this past year.  And of course the holidays are coming up as well as many weddings, birthdays and other parties in the next few months so I gotta watch it, lol! 
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