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High Heels to Small Heels and Hem Line

I am considering wearing 4" heels to the ceremony and photos but changing into 1/2" ones for the reception that are really comfortable. I'm going to have to hem my dress and I'm just not sure what to do if I change my height half way through since I don't want my dress dragging or anything. I don't know, is this a valid concern?

Would you change heels? What would you do about the length of your dress?

Re: High Heels to Small Heels and Hem Line

  • People here suggest (if you want to change out of tall heels) to get platform flipflops or the like, otherwise your dress WILL drag.
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  • Like the PP said, I would recommend platform flip flops or more comfy sandals. There is no way to get around the hemming issue. You have the dress hemmed to fit the highest shoes you have and plan to wear. 
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  • I'm baffled that people keep wanting to wear 4" heels and THEN go to flats.  There are a LOT of super cute 2" heels for weddings.  I'm only 5'1" so I clearly don't have height on my side but that's what I'm doing for the ceremony so the change isn't that significant when I put on something comfier.

  • Can you change into a 4" wedge so you don't have a dragging issue?
  • In Response to High Heels to Small Heels and Hem Line:

    I see Brides like you every day, so I understand your concern!  Most brides want to be able to dance the night away in comfort, but still want a feminine heel for the walk down the aisle. Best way to get an answer is to meet with your seamstress. She might ask you to compromise on the height of the heel slightly, but as I said it is a very common occurence in weddings right now. Don't sweat it, seamstresses are practically Fairy God Mothers!
  • I'm really short and I got those cute "I Do" shoe stickers as a gift. I had gotten smaller heels originally but getting those made me want taller ones. Do you think an inch difference in heel height would be terrible for changing? 
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    Why not just wear the 1/2" heels the entire time.  I understand that you want to show off hte "I Do" stickers, but honestly, no one will see them whether you are in 4" heels or 1/2" heels because your dress will cover your shoes entirely.  To me it is crazy to be uncomfortable just to get a cute picture of the bottom of your shoes.  Put the stickers on the 1/2" heels and makes sure to get a pic or two of the bottom of your shoes with your feet propped up.

    If you decide to go with the 4" heels then I would suggest getting a pair of comfy platform sandals or flip flops that are about the same height to switch into.  By switching into the smaller heeled shoes you have now that will be 3.5 inches of fabric dragging on the ground.  You will step on your dress, others will step on your dress, and you will have to hold the dress up for the entire reception.

    Skip the cute picture that you will probably never look at again and go with comfort and ease.

  • Thank you!
    It makes sense, I will probably just wear the same shoes all night. I don't really want to pay for an whole other pair, either. :)
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