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how to plan An muslim and christian wedding

ok so my fiance is muslim and im a christian we are trying to plan an wedding were it would be different and we both we be happy need ideas quick planing a spring wedding

Re: how to plan An muslim and christian wedding

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    I'm in the same boat!!! My fiance is muslim and I am christian - we plan to get married in the Fall of 2012. 
    Mobin (my fiance) has a sister who has been involved in lots of muslim weddings so she is my go-to person when it comes to traditions. His family is originally from Bangladesh so there are many cultural aspects to take into consideration. 
    The key is to keep an open-mind. Learn to compromise and the wedding will be fabulous! I'm sure your guests will really enjoy attending a unique wedding too!!

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    I am in a similar boat.  I am catholic and my fiance is Albanian Muslim.  They are not religious but we are doing a mixed wedding, having a non-religious officiant marry us because we dont want to make others uncomfortable. 
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    I am having major challenges with this right now.  My fiance is muslim and I am christian.  While I have agreed for our marriage and childred to be governed under muslim law I want our ceremony to reflect both religions.  This was fine with both of us until his Imam said he couldn't participate in a joint ceremony.  We thus decided to have a muslim ceremony the night before and his Imam is also saying that is not permissible because he would be bound by the Christian ceremony the following day.  How did you ladies reconcile that?
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    lmj, what does your imam mean he would be bound by the Christian ceremony? not sure why a Christian ceremony the following day is an issue...
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    @adrenalina I did ask my FI what the concern is with being "bound" and he just assumed that Muslims aren't allowed to be bound by another religion.  He didn't want to ask the follow-up question.  I think where we are right now is a Christian ceremony though his Imam says this is not permissible.  He really trusts this Imam's opinion as he was close to his late father and he's reluctant to stray far away from his advice.  So the ceremony will be Christian and we're signing a Muslim marriage contract.  All of this is much more complicated than either of us imagined.

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    Yes - it's complicated....there are lots of things to take into consideration and at times frustrating but it is all worth it in the end!
    Finding ways to compromise and incorporate both aspects into the wedding takes work and patience.
    I think your plan works. Have a christian ceremony and then sign the muslim mariage contract which can actually be done at any still need to sign an actual mariage license according to your state or province.
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    I can try to help you from my experience. My fiance and i are both albanian and muslim, so i cannot relate with the interfaith marriage, but i can see that the Iman and the religion is important to your fiance. 

    In Islam there is no such thing as an engagement, so from the start we were married by the mosque so as not to commit any sins, while also having the opportunity to be together. We are have a large reception for our families and will then be married in there eyes, although we already married in the eyes of god. 

    My point is, why dont you two have the marriage performed at the mosque by the iman that means so much to him and his family and then at the reception/celebration you can either say your vows and exchange rings.

    This can only work of course if you are willing to bypas the traditional walk down the aisle. 

    I hope this helps, or gives you something to think about.
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