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I found the dress I want, it's way over my budget...I went online and found it at for $300...Does anyone have experience buying a dress online?

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  • Do not order through this site!!!!  I live in Australia and I ordered 3 original amsale bridesmaids dresses from 'Bridals by Lori' in Atlanta and they were absolutely perfect. On my wedding day, each of the girls received compliments on their beautiful amsale dresses.  They were exceptionally made and well priced compared to anything you find here.

    5 months after the wedding, i wanted to order an evening gown from Amsale for a wedding I was to attend, but unfortunately, the shipping turnaround time meant that the dress would not arrive in Sydney on time.  So, I ordered an imitation dress through discount-dress and all I can say is DON'T!  The dress cost me close to $200 by the time I paid for express shipping.  It was terribly made, the dress was not made of silk chiffon as stated in the product description but rather some cheap imitation, there were pins left in the dress between the bodice and the 'chiffon' lining and to top it all off, the dress was not made to the measurements I provided (I was professionaly measured up to avoid this exact mess!).  I can't even wear the dress!!  My local tailor told me to throw the dress out 'cause there is no saving it.  

    I am in the process of trying to recoup my funds in full from the company but it has not been an easy process.  They have offered me < 50% of the cost of the dress (excluding shipping costs) for a faulty product that can not be worn in public.  

    Save yourself the headache!

  • Kellygdfw,
    I also live in DFW and am looking to get my bridesmaids dresses from here. Do you have a picture you would be willing to send me?
  • I found a dress on that site that I want. So if anyone has any advice let me know!
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    I saw all these reviews before I ordered my dress from Discount-dress but there were no pictures so i still decided to take a leap of faith. Thought it better to lose $300 dollar than to over spend by $1000.

    Well now I have pictures to post and a sad sloppy dress to show for it.

    And it actually looks better in the photos

    There are so many flaws I have to list them:
    -weird smell
    -the back that is low in the picture is so high on the DD dress
    -where there was supposed to be a pretty jewel on the back their is a ugly applique
    -on the pick up there was supposed to be rhinestone, there are four sequins.
    -there is no sinching at the waist so when I put it one I was a blob monster
    -cheap plastic zipper I could barely get up
    -Not sinched under the butt in the mermaid style that it is

    And that's just what I noticed when I tried it on for one second and then just had to laugh and take it off.  I am a good painter.  And I could spend all day painting a picasso, and you may say yah it sorta looks like it, but I and it will never be a picasso.  That's what i felt about this dress.  It was a sad, sad attempt at the real thing.  You win some, and you lose some.  In this case, I definitely lost.

  • wow starting to think ishould have looked here before i bought my bridesmaid dresses ;(   hopefully the bridesmaid dresses  r better made than their wedding dresses
  • Thanks for your post.  I would love to see pictures.  I am thinking of ordering bridesmaid dresses from this company.

  • as soon as it comes in i will definately post pics  i just got an email from them wanting to know how tall my bridesmaid was so the lenth is right   so far my only concern is i got my oder payment confirmation from paypal but the company says its still pending :(  and looks like the dress will take about a month to get here cause they make them to order
  • I am Mother of the Groom and ordered a dress from  I ordered it January 18 and just received it yesterday. It was absolutely TERRIBLE. The material was nothing like shown in the picture and the craftsmanship was very poor. There are holes in the lace and one seam had about a two inch gap where it wasn't even stitched. The hem was just turned under once with raw edges showing. Don't waste your money on this place. I started emailing them in Feb to see where my order was and NOT once did they answer. I've also requested an RMA to return the dress for full refund (they only give u 3 days to request one after delivery) and of course I haven't received an email with that either.
  • I understand about THE DRESS. I found THE DRESS and it was over $3,000, which was a third of my budget. I think it is absurd to pay that kind of price on a dress that you are going to wear one day. You are planning for a marriage, not a wedding. The wedding is just the fun party to kick off a lifetime of joy. So get over it. If you want that dress - get it. Sure, it's a replica. You and whoever else you told will know it's a replica, but how many of your guests are haute couture designers? My guess is very few, if any. So buy that beautful gown that you had your heart set on... as long as you give yourself enough time.

    My wedding is in November and I wanted to buy this Lazaro gown that I fell in love with. I decided that I would go ahead and take a chance on this website. I knew that I was going to get a replica, but I didn't care too much. Like I said, only I really know that it's a replica and it still looks fabulous. The only difference is the beading and they make up for it with other fabulous details like the lace underlay peeking from the bottom of the silk skirt. I was quite surprised at how much I love this detail. Anyway, I made a custom order (meaning I picked a dress that was similar to the one I had my heart set on and sent them pictures of the difference) in February and told them that my wedding was in June. They told me that my dress would come by the end of April. The service reps were very helpful and detailed. They answered every question that I had. I planned to follow up with them twice and by the time I could follow up the second time, my dress had been shipped. It took them 4 days to ship it from China and it came in a month earlier than I was quoted.

    I'm not saying that some people don't have horror stories to tell about these dresses, but just remember - when you order your dress, from that boutique that raises the price of your dress everytime it switches hands, it too is coming from China. Designer gowns are just not mass produced in the United States anymore.

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    Mixed results with this company.  Another bridesmaid ordered her dress off-the-rack, received her dress, and is entirely happy with it.  I ordered mine custom-fit, and received a dress that is unwearable...SIX INCHES too small in the bust area, and with cups placed to fit a much narrower frame than mine.  I am trying to sort this out with the company, they said that they made the dress to my measurements (bull) and suggested I take the dress to a local tailor to have it let out (6 inches, including 1 or 2 between the breasts?  I don't think so!).  I have requested a dress that fits.  Will keep you posted on the response.  Beware!
  • For those of you who are waiting, I received the bridesmaid dress. I order a size 14 for one of my bridesmaids.  I would say the dress is actually a size 10 in the bust (like a 10 from David's Bridal).  Way too small there.  About a 12 in the waist and a 14 in the hips.  The fabric is great, and the dress is made exactly l ike the picture.  But the sizes are pretty off.  
  • I found my dress in store but it was way out of my price range.  I was trying to google the dress to show to someone and found it on discount-dress for $300.  It was the exact dress.  I was thrilled to say the least!  I already knew my size and went ahead and ordered it right away.  It took less than a month to arrive, which I thought was a very fast turn around.  It arrived in a small box b/c it had been vacuumed sealed.  When I first opened the dress I thought it was gorgeous.  But once I tried it on I realized there was a small ink stain on the back of the satin.  Also I noticed that the seam work on the side had not been finished completely.  I emailed the company right away, with pictures, asking what my options were.  I was told to contact my local dry cleaner to have the stain removed and my local alterations shop to have the side fixed.  And for the incovenience they offered me a 10% discount.  I called around and found that the minimum dry clean charge for my dress would be $75 and they could not guarentee that the stain would come out.  Alterations range from $200-$500 depending on what all needs to be done.  I contacted the company and told them the prices and that a $30 refund was unacceptable.  They then offered $50, still insisting that I take it somewhere local.  I referenced their return policy which states that if you receive a damaged item they will send you a new dress.  I told them I didn't want a discount, I wanted them to fix my dress.  They then offered $75, which I still refused, and finally after several very frustrating emails they are offering 50% off.  The problem is that I didn't want a discount.  I don't mind paying the price in full.  I wanted my dress to arrive finished and without stains.  It looks like 50% is all I am going to get.  So beware future shoppers.  And please note, if you do buy from them and have an issue, they will not attempt to correct the problem right away.  You have to keep pushing to even get the 50% that is shown as an option on their website. Yell
  • so i am looking at buying a dress from discount dress, i would love to know how your experience turned out?
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