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AW - Victory!

As I was pulling out my Laughing Cow and Triscuits, one of the sales girls came in with a giant box of cookies. And in a completely uncharacteristic move, when she asked me if I wanted one, I told her no and have managed to stick to it! It kind of makes me salivate to think about a cookie right now, but I know I'll just end up mad at myself and blow the rest of the night if I give in.

Re: AW - Victory!

  • Nice Job!  I turned down a piece of cake at work last week and a cupcake today :)
    Feels great doesn't it!

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  • Aw man Jenna now I feel like crap!  I just ate 2 giant cookies LOL

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  • I pulled the ice cream out of the freezer last night. Waited for it to soften a bit. Stared at it, and PUT IT BACK! I was super proud of myself too. WTG!
  • Great job!  At my work there have been sugar cookies, muffins and a ton of candy in our break room RIGHT next to my desk.  I have resisted all week, but I know how hard it is.
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  • Nice!!

    I know how hard that is - men at my work are constantly bringing in treats. Sometimes I have one, sometimes I don't. But I always always feel better when I skip the sugar binge.
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