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Food and Fitness Goals!

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Re: Food and Fitness Goals!

  • My food goals for the week is to eat what I bring to work for lunch. I also want to stick to my calorie goals for each day. 

    As for fitness goals for this week, I plan on working out at least 5 days. I just bought the Biggest Loser game for Kinect so I hope it's good to add into my workouts. I plan on going to the gym with a friend on Thursday after work and I know she's really going to work me out, lol. 
  • During the week I am going to stick to my 'slow carb' diet.  During the weekends are my 'cheat' so I don't even care what I eat on those.

    Fitness: Do my 'wake up' workout, and try to get to the gym 3 days this week.  Jessica inspired me with her 1/2 marathon pictures and I really am craving some time on the treadmill.

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    Food goal for the week is to eat at home more often, last week I ate healthy but I still ate out, and spent a lot of money we didn't really have. Not to mention when I eat at home, typically the calorie count is much easier to control.

    Exercise goals this week are to walk home from work tomorrow and Friday. I'd do it Thursday too but it's going to be waaaaay too cold out for that. I managed to walk home after both of my shifts this weekend, so I feel confident that I can do it. Also, I want to try and get on the elliptical twice this week, even if it's only for 15 minutes each time. I need to start working on building up my stamina.
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  • Food - follow my diet plan and no more cheating. Last week I was sick, so I got off track because I barely ate anything, and then this weekend I ate everything in sight because I was feeling better and gained a pound and a half because of it. So tomorrow it's back to the plan and sticking to it.

    Excerise - to go on a walk with the hubby and furbaby after work on the days that it is nice out. On the days that it's suppose to be too cold, I plan to go in our basement and run on the elliptical or treadmill. I want to build up my stamina again to start doing P90 with hubby.
  • My food goals are to not drink soda (at all this week), increase my water (adding lime for flavor), and snack on only healthy choices.

    I grocery shopped and got a lot of great veggies. I cut them all up already in 2 shapes (one chopped for salads and slices for hummus). I got some yogurt based dressings, too.  I hard boiled eggs and baked up some chicken. The fridge is fully ready to support this new me.

    I babysit two nights a week after work. We normally order in dinner (pizza or mexican). I got Lean Cuisens for those nights.

    Fitness...I plan on starting the Couch to 5k Program, Jillian 30 day shred and also working out with the little bugger I watch. I want to do Couch to 5k on Non baby sitting days...30 day shred on babysitting days and on days when I babysitt pushing him in the stroller.  He is 10 years old and on autism spectrum. He can walk but we also have a huge adaptive stroller for him. He lives in a hilly area. We can walk to the park...play/run a little and push him UP the hill home!
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  • Food - plan ahead, don't just "scrounge" for food at meals. Include more salads! (at least one full salad a day)

    Exercise - gym 3xs, min. 30 mins each time.
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  • Food - cook all the meals on my meal plan, eat leftovers for lunch, and no fast food (unless I need to get a sub or salad while at school on Tuesday). make good choices this weekend, especially when we go out with my family to Red Robin on Friday.

    Fitness - go to zumba tomorrow, and do pilates 3x this week.
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  • Becca, what's your wake up workout?
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  • Food: not eat more than 1 piece of chocolate a day, haha.  We still have an abundance of Christmas candy, including a huge box of truffles I was given by one of my piano students.  Other than that, drink a full glass of water at each meal (I'm really bad at drinking fluids), eat a piece of fresh fruit each day, and stop grazing.

    Exercise:  I'm not allowed to exercise yet and don't have my doctor's appointment until the 17th to see when I'll be allowed to.  Boo.  So, I'm just going to make sure I go on a walk every day with the pooch, even if it's only 10 minutes or so.

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  • Food:  Stick to my calorie goal and not eat out at all this week.  I have been and will continue to stick to my no pop, chocolate, or French fry goal.  I've gone 5 weeks without any of those.  I'm trying to decide what I want to add to that.  I'm thinking candy of any sort.

    Exercise:  I will go to Zumba on Tuesday.  I also want to start running.  I read on pinterest today (so not sure if it's accurate) that if you run 27 minutes a day you can lose a pound a week.  I'm not a runner, but I really want to try
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  • Food: Stick to the plan.  No more eating lots of "junk" and lots of carbs.

    Fitness: Workout 3x this week. Whether it be a walk or a fitness DVD. 
  • Food: Idk, I did pretty good last week! I guess I'll just keep that going :)

    Excercise: My goal is just do something each day, whether its yoga or pilates or zumba or walking.
  • food goal - eat more fresh fruits and veggies as my appetite increases from working out harder and more often.

    fitness - do at least 3 weekday morning workouts (1 down!) and walk or go to yoga on the off days. weekends - go to yoga on saturday morning and rest on sunday.
  • food: Eat NO fast food all week. I have our menu already planned.

    fitness: I am still recovering from my sprained back. But I am going to try and do a little yoga this week. I deffinately cannot go to the gym and run or do the eliptical. But I did buy 30 day shred, so that should be coming this week sometime. 
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