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Trying to decide which month to get married in!!!

I just got engaged and were trying to decide what month to pick!! Its between February, July, or October.

February (my fiance does not work in the winter= 2 week honeymoon!! :) but not very pretty unless it snows in MI) + lots of places offer dicounts for iwnter months!
July would be perfect for outside pictures (which are very important to me!) but its more expensive and would be very hott
Ive always wanted to get married in october but that means waiting over a year and a half. We dont really want to wait that long plus my fiance is back to work so we will have to take a shorter honeymoon. Plus its hurricane season for many places we want to go for our honeymoon.

Any advice????????

Re: Trying to decide which month to get married in!!!

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  • I would wait on the February wedding and have the wedding you really want to have. If you are worried about saving money than the extra time will be great for that. You will be shocked how fast time flies. Also, there is no hard and fast rule that you have to honeymoon right after the wedding if you are really worried about the weather. You can always do a minimoon and plan something else later on. I guess my priorities would lie in having the wedding day I want the most. The rest seems just like trimmings to me.
  • I got married in December (no snow) and I thought our outdoor pics came out beautiful so IMO February seems like a better deal to me. You get discounts, you can still have the wedding you want to have and you get a longer HM.

    But it really comes down to what's more important to you. If outdoor pics with flowers and greenery are more important to you than an extended HM and worth the higher cost then go with July.

  • We got married in February and honestly, we didn't see that many discounts on pricing for "off-season."

    We got married in February because DH's summer schedule wouldn't have allowed us to take a honeymoon right away, and that was one of our must-haves.
  • I would marry in February.  July is too hot (unless you're doing everything indoors). If you are already saying that you don't want to wait too long to get married then October will just drive you crazy.
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  • I'd say go for February and get the discounts because it is a winter month. With the money that you save you can do a post wedding shoot for those pictures you want. My friend had a terrible photographer and ending up doing a session almost a year later and she LOVES her new pictures.
  • I'm getting married in October (this year) so I'm biased. I think it is a beautiful month.

    Maybe price some things out? Ask vendors and venues if they will give discounts for February? Then decide what you can afford vs. what you want. Like M&M said, you can do a delayed honeymoon (I am).
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  • I would wait for October if thats the month you want to get married in-I got engaged two weeks after my older sister so I really wanted to give my parents enough time to recover since they will be helping pay for both of our weddings and hers is in October...At first I thought an almost 2 year engagement would be a long time but we have already been engaged for 6 and it really does fly by.  I'm glad that I have this time to enjoy my engagement and enjoy planning our wedding.  I also agree with the above post that you should be mindful of weather in Feb if you have traveling guests...I just went to a Feb weather in Va and with the snow storms out of town guests had a hard time getting in
  • I would go with February - what's better than starting married life escaping the cold for two weeks :)
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