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May 2010 Weddings

RSVPS make me smile!

Especially when more than one comes in the mail at a time! I'm really getting excited about this shindig!

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Re: RSVPS make me smile!

  • Me to! I've been stalking the mailbox lol
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  • Ugh. I need to get my damn invites out. I'm a slacker!! They're going out Monday, I can't wait to get RSVPs!!
  • I got 3 yesterday and 3 on Monday! 1 on Saturday.

    So exciting - every day I can't wait to check the mail, I love it.
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  • Checking the mail has gone from a meaningless task to an exciting event! I love that we've been getting a few each day. Its made the whole thing very real.
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  • I am starting to think people didn't get their invites UGH!!!! Why can't the silver envelopes come my way!?
  • We went several days getting at least one every day, then they just stopped all together - for like a week!  Then yesterday we got two - one in the mail and one online.  I'm hoping for some more today.  :)
  • We got some everyday for a week and then today nothing, not even one :( don't people want to come to my party?! hopefully tomorrow!!
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