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February 2011 Weddings

4 Months to go!!

Wow 4 months! I can't believe how fast time is going! I have got a lot of my big stuff taken care of (reception and ceremony site, centerpieces, invitations, photographer, dresses) I  just need the little stuff like shoes, my main color is apple red so i was maybe thinking of getting red shoes. what do you ladies think of red shoes? I also need to figure out what to get my bridesmaids and flower girls, I have no idea what to get them! What are you ladies getting your wedding party?

What else does everyone still have to get done?

What are your biggest worries? Mine is that I'm going to be so nervous and excited that it's going to make me sick to my stomach! I have a little anxiety when it comes to important envents including me being the center of attention...lol seriously, for my graduation i was so nervous/excited i actually puked while rehersing.

Re: 4 Months to go!!

  • Congrats!!!! We have a little over 4 months to go and we have the church, reception, dj, florist, cigar roller, photographer, invites all booked/done! My girls have thier dresses picked up already, I bought all my bridesmaids thier gifts which included a personalized bag of thier name on it, a make up bag, stationary, jewelry, maid of honor tshirt, and other little things! I bought my flower girl a tshirt and tiara but will be buying her a flower girl teddy bear with her name on it! My junior bridesmaids got a bag with thier name on it and jewelry and nailpolish so far!

    We really need to book our limo asap and thats all the big things left! My hair and make up people are booked and our hotel block is booked too! Basically once we book our limo all the little things will be left!

    My biggest worries is the timing of everything to fall into place because I am still confused about timing myself!

  • I love the red shoes idea, if i had a color i would definetly get that color shoes, our girls dresses are black though...

    We have pretty much all the big stuff done except the florist, we met w/ 1 and liked him, but I want to meet with 1 more at least before we commit. I still need to do my hair and make-up person too. I don't want to put what I'm giving my bridesmaid because some of them are on here...but PM me if you're really interested.

    My biggest worry is I'm a control freak. I'm always the one making sure everything is running smoothly and where it needs to be when...I'm going to TRY really really hard on my wedding day to leave that up to other people...Undecided Oh, and not meeting our minimum, which is 250, we're inviting around 330...but who knows...that's probably the biggest one right now.
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  • I love the red shoes idea! My color is Royal Blue and these are my shoes!

    I am just starting to get worried about doing the little things. We are having a catholic mass so i need to ask Readers and such and then also deciding on what to get my BP and the Priest and parents and everything like that.  All our big ticket items are done except for the bus to transport guests between hotel and reception. 

    I cant believe how fast it is all coming!!

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  • love the shoes! I still need to get my shoes!!! I think I will look for lilac shoes for the fun of things!
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    Hello.  I am getting married on 2/12.  We have everything booked/planned.  Invitations are printed and waiting to get mailed.  Honeymoon is booked, MOH has her dress.  All I need is my jewelry and another gift for MOH.  Oh I also need the Sand Ceremony container. 

    I'll have to make my table numbers and place cards, which I'll attach to the favors.  Not sure about programs or not, but I'm thinking yes.

    These are my shoes...they will be dyed a champagne color for the wedding and then black after that.

    My biggest worry not being able to fly out of Boston to get to Hawaii.  Luckily we have 3 days before the cruise leaves.
  • We have just about everything done!!

    I have my dress, my shoes, and necklace.  My mom ordered her dress, my girls all ordered their dresses which should be being delivered in November, all of the GM have their measurements taken except for 1, florist booked, officiant booked, venue booked, photographer booked, ceremony musicians booked, DJ booked, make-up artist booked, invitations shipped (should be here on Wednesday), wedding rings sized and secured in a safe-deposit-box, hotel room block set, our room reserved for wedding night, flights booked for Honeymoon, all details of HM confirmed, ice sculpture ordered (yes we are having one, this was FI's request!). Our menu is also set and all timing for the date is sketched out and detailed down to the minute for ceremony and reception!  The last thing we need to book is transportation for guests and the guys to get to the venue and to take us back to the hotel after the reception.  

    The next few weeks will be for getting the invitations to the calligrapher, meeting with florist to design all center pieces and ceremony arch and bouquets.  My first fitting will be in November, and we have our engagement pictures on 10/16!!  

    For my Bridesmaids I ordered canvas bags with each girls' initials, diamond and sapphire hoop earrings, navy blue flip flops, silver/grey pashmina shawls, and each will get a unique picture frame.  My sister/MOH also has a diamond and sapphire bracelet.  I am also paying for all 7 BMs makeup the day of.  

    Phew, that is a lot of stuff! I cant believe how close we are getting!  Oh and my first shower is 11/7!  SO EXCITING!  

    Good luck ladies!! 
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  • I have about 4 and a half months to go! wow! time flies! we have almost all the big stuff done. we still need to get our wedding pies figured out, we are doing that instead of cake. i still dont know who will make them. i also am writing the whole ceremony script and im stressing about that kinda. i mean, thats a big task! our officiant is a friend of my finaces so hes not a professional. im also starting to get a little stressed about all the little things, liks jewlery and shoes and tuxes and stuff. i am playing around with the idea of doing late night snacks at the reception too. i thought that was a cute idea. i would probably have to so them myself though cause i dont want to add on any extra to the catering bill. any ideas?

    also, i got my invites in the mail and one line was a darker brown than the rest of the lines. not a huge deal but i was a little bummed because i really wanted them to be perfect.

    anyway, thats about it! good luck to everyone else on their planning!
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    Our wedding is on 06/17 we have secured a ceremony and reception site, I have my 2 dresses, shoes, and jewelry. I have met with the bridesmaids but not the groomsmen.They will get their dresses locally and if ordered they will only take about 2-3 days. We've discussed their hair and mine.Their jewelry I purchased wholesale.Invitation will be chosen again because I changed the colors.Save the dates? My planner said I should.Honeymoon? Thinking Vegas!  days left I'm super excited. What worries me the most is my guest list.FH and I discussed minimizing the list it's was becoming a festival.

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  • Red shoes sound hot! you ladies have made some amazing progress.... I'm just printing my Save the Dates!! Hahaha (but everyone is pretty much local, just doing them for the formality).

    I have my venue, caterer, planner, DJ, lights, photographer, hotels, honeymoon, ceremony music, dress, shoes and a lot of little details taken care of. We need invitations to be printed, groomsmen attire, tons of little details (like tape for a typewriter....long story!).

    mrswilkins10, yes do save the dates! I'm still working on mine. I'm going to include hotel information just as a heads up and a link to our website so people will hopefully GO and get more information. Good luck!
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  • Im getting married on the 12th and I have the wedding and reception site but still don't have a dress or shoes!!!

    Freaking out!!
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  • Im New on here but I too am only 4 months out! I swear it was 9 months yesterday!!!

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  • Annie6672, I got engaged in June...the end of June. I feel like everything is coming up SO fast! Good luck with it all. :)
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  • We've been engaged since last August! :) We've been planning for a long time!! It will all get done weather it's done months ahead or just a few weeks and it will be amazing! :)
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  • we got engaged last december, and it feels like its been forever! im tired of waiting and i just want the day to be here already!
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  • I am new too! I am so glad I found this community! I LOVE colored wedding shoes! I just got PURPLE shoes. I am pretty excited about them.

    I feel like I am sitting pretty good timewise. I know not to slack.... I try to knock out one major item a week!
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