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REVIEW! 17-10-2012 LONG

Had the most amazing time!

Here's my reviews:

So we flew from London Heathrow with British Airways just in economy unfortunatley! Our flight out and back couldn't be more different. On the way out the crew were great, we had a lovely guy called Cory looking after is he was so sweet and chatty and really took care of us. They bought Carl and I champagne and the guy up front took my dress from me when he saw the box and looked after it so it didn't have to go overhead. On the way back the crew were just miserable might be because its an overnight flight but we had no interaction with them at all and one of them was quite rude.

When we arrived there was 3 rooms we had booked I emailed them twice before we arrived to let them know it was our wedding and to be put in the same tower but they had no note of this and wanted to put us all in seperate towers. As you can imagine after a 9 hour flight I was a little upset! Eventually they sorted it out carl and I were in tower 3 25th floor and the two other rooms tower 3 21st floor.
We had a one bedroom suite which was huge! I was really happy with it for what we paid it was bigger than the flat I lived in when I was single! We had a balcony with a partial view of the back of the strip but it was a nice view. People complain about the distance from the strip etc but I really liked it it was only a 10 minute walk and vegas is all walk walk walk anyway! I actually liked being a little out the way for some down time. I was annoyed with the resort fee as we never used the pool gym etc and the wi fi hardly ever worked! But we did know about it when we booked. I must say housekeeping were amazing they must have spent ages in our room everyday cos it always looked lovely when we got back. On the day of the wedding I was in or morning so asked if they would come back at 4 and they did so very impressed. I would def stay again if just for the room alone, the bar in tower 1 is nice also and I would def recommend getting a pizza from the deli in tower 2 it was yummy!

Debi was a dream, she arrived bang on time to meet me to pick up my dress in the lobby. She emailed me that night to say it was done and confirmed the cost and returned it to me the next day again spot on time. My dress was great it had been it a box for 2 weeks prior and it looked perfect I loved that she stuffed it with tissue paper too it looked lovely. We all know Debi is not cheap but I would def recommend her. Even James from Glamsquad thought she was pricey ha!

I was a bit nervous about meeting them as I had heard mixed things about James. James and Alex turned up right on time. and once we broke the ice they were great. James is lovely I think some people say he's quite as maybe if you don't engage him in conversation he'll just get on with the job. I found him fasinating and so funny he was so sarcastic which us brit girls really appreciated they really made our morning fun, although he wouldn't tell us what celebrites he had ever worked on which we found a little odd. Alex who was with him was so sweet. I just gave James one instruction which was that I wanted my hair up and not too high as I am tall and have a large accessory. My hair was AMAZING I was so happy with it and it stayed in place until late in the evening. The make up was a shock when I first looked in the mirror as I'm not used to wearing alot but I kept in my head photos! I got my mum to give an honest opinion as she always does and she liked it especially my eyes. After an hour or so it started to settle in better and looked great and it looks great in the pictures anything less I would probably have looked washed out. They did all 3 of us really quickly probably in an hour and a half. Overall I was pleased and they really helped make our morning fun.

I have nothing but good things to say! On the day before they picked us up to get our licence and we went for our consultation. You can tell they are a very well oiled machine and you can see why they are so succesful My flowers were amazing I loved them so much but they died pretty much the next day however that may be cos I took with me everywhere all day and night cos I loved them so much and didn't put them in any water till very late. The day of the wedding was perfect we had the first look which they really worked hard to make sure happened although I was left in a tiny little room on my own for about 15 minutes that didn't help the nerves! Our minister was Al which I was really pleased about as he was the one I liked best the words he said in our ceremony was perfect he didn't include a prayer though and didn't ask if we wanted one which was dissapointing as we wanted that. I didn't ask as I thought maybe he had spoken to Carl and Carl felt the same so it didn't happen which was a shame.
Our photographers were great fun and so nice, I didn't feel like we had much time but we had 470 pictures so maybe it just felt short! I asked them to do a specific photo I wanted and I would recommend you direct them if you want certain things as otherwise they just take you around doing what they think. I paid an additonal $75 for a 'flower shower' as they don't allow confetti, I think this was a bit of a waste of money as there are only a few pictures and I don't think they were that great.
When we returned to view our pictures as I was a little dissapointed with how I looked in some and so was Carl but we had to have them! We paid $895 for all our pictures which is a lot on top of everything else we paid but compared to England it's cheap. We figured out when we got back and the pictures looked better was the reason we didn't like them when we first saw them is that the viewing screen is about 50' big! and makes you look alot bigger than you are and you can see every imperfection but on my laptop they look lovely. Overall I think COF was fabulous the grounds were gorgeous alot smaller in real life! The ceremony was screened live and was great quality and everyone at home had no problems watching it which was great. One more word of advice we made our own way to the chapel to view the pictures and the area didn't feel safe at all I was a little uneasy. If you can afford to get them to collect you or take a cab.


The day before the wedding I went up to drop off my things and met with the new girl they have working on events I think her name is Beth. She was so quiet and seemed unhappy which really put me on edge for the next day, the room didn't look great either at that point. It was sooo hot that day and not one of us got offered a drink which annoyed me a little considering I was spend alot with them. We ended up staying for a cocktail anyway which was lovely.
When we returned the next day things couldn't have been better the room looked great and the cake from Freeds was awesome. We arrived 40 minutes early but they let us in 30 minutes early but we had to adjust the free bar accordingly. We had 2 servers who were lovely and great fun laughing and joking with us at the end when we were dancing. The food was amazing everyone commented on how nice it was. They didn't have the keepsake bottle availiable thats included in our package so they gave us a $95 bottle of red instead which I thought was nice of them. The drinks kept flowing and all in all I am really pleased with the night and I don't think we could have got the same experience anywhere else for the same price.


Well as with everyone else Todd is lovely! Such a nice guy he never stopped taking pictures and was happy to do any shots I asked him to do for us. I haven't recieved the pictures yet but I cannot wait to see them. He had a good old chat with my dad towards the end and was just really friendly so glad we booked him.


I LOVED Travis he was so lovely when he met me and seemed just as excited as I was he's so cute looking too. He didn't have one of the songs I wanted which was odd as it was always on my mind which is a common one I thought but he did 4 songs instead and went down a storm. He really made the night for us and everyone loved him he was great BOOK HIM!

I think thats the main vendors done we had the most amazing time and I'm missing vegas and all the planning already it goes so fast!

My chapel pictures are on facebook I've made them public for a while so you guys can take a look.


Re: REVIEW! 17-10-2012 LONG

  • ABSOLUTELY beautiful... Sooo glad all went well for you guys...

    I cancelled all the pics from CoF because I didnt want to spend all that money there when I am spending it on a photog... Do you fee like it is worth it?
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  • Congrats and OMG, I loooove the pix!  YOu look gorg!
  • Congrats...beautiful pics. So happy to hear you were happy with COF
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  • I would say if you have someone like Todd for a photo tour you probably don't need the COF photos although it's nice to have some of the ceremony. We only had Todd for the evening due to timing so it worked well for us.
  • we planned to still have the pics of the ceremony and the dvd.. but our photog will take pics out and about.. I think i will like that better..

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  • Holy cow your pictures are AMAZING! Big congrats!!
  • Congrats and thanks for reviews!

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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: REVIEW! 17-10-2012 LONG</a>:
    [QUOTE]we planned to still have the pics of the ceremony and the dvd.. but our photog will take pics out and about.. I think i will like that better..
    Posted by nursing2u[/QUOTE]

    <font color="#800080"><strong>We added the sweet pea package of $99 and the dvd. We are using Keith kaplan for our photos outside of the chapel?</strong></font>
  • congrats and thanks so much for the reviews!!  We are getting married at COF as well!  I keep trying to click on your links to view your pictures but it's not letting me view them... :( is anyone else having this issue?  Congrats again!
  • Love your dress! Congrats!
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