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September 2010 Weddings

Flowers - help!

So.. I want some opinions other than my families. My colors are "lapis" purple, which is a deep rich purple, silver and yellow. I would love to have some opinions on what I should decide for my own bouquet.

My bridesmaids bouquets are going to be made with the "solemia" gerber daisy. Here is a link so you can see what they look like if you're interested.

- Click on the big yellow gerbera link.
- The solemio is the in the fourth row and is the 4th flower from the right.
(I know this is probably annoying)

For my bouquet, I know I am going to use deep purple carnations for the overall look. But I want to incorporate some gerber daisies. I have some main concerns.

a) should I incorporate the same solemio flower as the girls? Or go with a plain yellow gerber daisy?

b) should I also incorporate mini white gerber daisies or white roses (the groom is going to have a white rose)? Or would that make it become too blotchy? (FYI - main gerbers are 2-5in and mini gerbers are 2in max)

I don't even know why I am stressing out about this.  But I am getting a ton of different opinions from way too many ppl lol.

I've tried looking but I just can't seem to find anything that I've been imagining as my bouquet.
So if anyone has a website they referred to or some advice that'd be awesome :)

I have tried to find bouquets that look similar but I can't find any.
so if anyone has a website they referred to that would be great.. or just overall advice I'd really appreciate it :)

Re: Flowers - help!

  • I'm doing pretty much the same colors as you and I'm doing mainly purple for my bouquet with some yellow gerbera daisies (1 or 2) to coordinate with my BM's. I think the florist said she was going to add a little white (not sure what) to mine but I would talk with your florist (if you're using one??) and tell her what you're wanting and she should be able to creat something for you.

    Depending on how much yellow you want in your bouquet, I would just use the mini gerbera daisies otherwise you'll only get 1 or 2 depending on the size of your bouquet. HTH!
  • The colors sound amazing!  I like the mini Gerbera daisy idea! 
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  • I love your wedding colors! The deep purple carnations are pretty, my friend did her bouquet with them but she use white mostly with purple accents. I'd add in some white roses if you want a more elegant looking bouquet. The all daisy and carnation might a little more look whimsical. Here is a look at her bouquet. You could switch the lilies for yellow ones. 
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