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What's the general consenus about their all inclusive vacations? Are they worth their big name and big prices?

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  • OMG, I got married at Sandals in Antigua and frankly, we have stayed in lots of hotels and for all inlcuisve, plus everything we got, it was a bargain.  I don't find them any more pricey than top hotels.  Are there better deals in Mexico?  Sure, but I didn't want Mexcio.
  • Been to two thus far and love them. Let's put it this way. We are going to Key West in June and staying at a top hotel (not AI) for 4 nights. We are paying 3k just for the room for 4 nights(and air fare),no food,no booze just a room. We paid 5k (including air fare which was $1400) for 6 nights in St. Lucia at the Sandals Grande with all the food and booze we wanted. Also stayed in a concierge level room. Let me tell you, with what we can drink and what hubs can eat we most assuredly got the better end of the deal than they did. Sandals Negril in Jamaica was only 4k with air fare for 7 nights. Sorry, but I'm partial to AI's and think you get more bang for your buck. I know some don't agree but that's just my opinion.
  • Sorry I'm new to traveling :) What's Al's?
  • Oh and are all of the excursions/activities included?
  • We've been to two of the resorts - Montego Bay and Antigua.  IMO, not worth the money.  We had a not-so-great time at MoBay and an awesome time in Antigua, but overall, I don't think the level of service, accomodations, food, etc. was worth the price we paid for the Sandals name.

    Excursions aren't included in the price, but water activities are.  Most places have kayaks, sail boats, etc. Some have snorkeling and scuba.

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    [QUOTE]Sorry I'm new to traveling :) What's Al's?
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    all inclusive
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