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My fiance and I are getting married April 3rd. Our friends want to throw our parties on the same night, but niether of us really want to go out... We still have a lot to do and we only have one weekend that we aren't busy. This weekend we are meeting with the cooks, next weekend is a shower. Then my fiance's birthday. So we barely have time to get anything done as it is. And his friend that is planning his party doesn't care what he wants to do. So he's just getting mad about it. I want to have a small coed party, but I have a feeling they will get upset about it. CryI don't know what to do!!!

Re: Bachelor/bachelorette parties

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    Suggest something at home then. Say "While I really appreciate the offer, FI and I really don't want to go out. Why don't you plan something at home like a movie night?"
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    If you don't want the party, then just politely decline it. Or he can throw a party and you and FI can not show up..
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    Why would they be upset? Suggest beer and pizza at home or something like that. Your wedding party will probably be glad to have something that simple.
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    We got it all figured out! thanks so much! :)
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