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April 2011 Weddings

Wedding and Reception together

I was wondering if anyone has thoughts about putting the wedding and the reception together. I wanted to have my wedding at the reception site so that I can save on some money. Would it be in bad taste to do this??? Or should I just have the wedding at my Church the only problem is that I don't think that the Church will hold all 150 people that will be invited. Does anyone have any ideas??? I live in Chicago and the wedding is on April 16, 2011.

Re: Wedding and Reception together

  • We have the same wedding date!!! I think it might depend on the venue. How does it look if it was set up for the ceremony? Is it in the same room? We are having our reception at a hotel with the option of the ceremony there also. Just ask for pictures from the manager.
  • I am still looking into reception sites I have one in mind I just have to ask the manager if they can accommodate this request.
  • I'm having my ceremony and reception at the same venue.  There is an outdoor gazebo area for the ceremony and the reception will be held in the ballroom.  I've been to quite a few weddings where both events were held at the same venue, cuts down on travel in between for everyone too ;)
  • I am having my ceremony and reception at the same location also to save money and be curtious for my out of town guests that would not have transportation to the event. I have luckily found a venue where there is a free shuttle bus service for the surrounding, participating hotels that will bring and return my guests.

    Just think, you save money on decor, photographer time, and will possibly be able to use the same music entertainment without any additional set-up fees.

    I give it a thumbs up!!
  • I think it is a great idea. I am having my ceremony and reception at one location. And it does save alot of money. Utimately it is your day,Wink do whatever will make you happy.
  • I too am having my reception and ceremony in the same place.  It saves money, and makes things easier on those who are coming in from out of town.  I did not want a big church wedding, just something simple and fun, so combining the 2 places seemed the way to go.
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  • My sister had her wedding and reception at the same place. If you can do that then why not?
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  • Yep it's official. We are having our ceremony and reception at the hotel. I am saving money on transportation and church fees that were out of my butt! More money towards guest and the honeymoon.
  • button2011 - We're having a cocktail hour between the ceremony and the reception. We're taking most of our pictures before the ceremony, but there will be a couple that we take afterwards.  I'm hoping to enjoy the apps and drinks with our guests.

    I noticed you said "ceremony and lunch" so I'm not sure if there's normally a cocktail hour earlier in the day.
  • Wedding and reception together is totally fine, a lot of people do that for a variety of reasons, my mother would like me to do that as well however, I really want to get married in a church. My wedding will be held in downtown/midtown Atlanta and the churches downtown are so beautiful and historic I would love to have the ceremony held at one of them and there are a lot of venues close by that I could have my reception. Its all a personal choice and definitely a budget decision. If you both are happy with it, which from your post you are then kudos to you.Smile
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