phalaenopsis vs. cymbidium orchids

I have two questions:

1. I met with 3 florists total.  One florist priced the phalaenopsis and the cymbidium orchids at the same price per branch, the other two priced the phalaenopsis almost twice as much per branch.  Why so different?

2. In general, which do you think is more sophisticated, an all-phalaenopsis bouquet or an all-cymbidium bouquet?  The look I would like to achieve is elegant and over-the-top.
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Re: phalaenopsis vs. cymbidium orchids

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    Phalaenopsis orchids are much more delicate and bruise more easily than cymbidium orchids. Often they can get pretty damaged in shipping. The other 2 florists are probably counting on that, ordering more and adding it to the price so they can ensure that you get only the best looking flowers in your bouquet.  
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    1. i agree with the PP. the florists are probably planning on damages in their cost estimate.

    2. personally i love the all cymbidium bouquets
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    nope it has nothing to do with covering the cost for damage. The are just more expensive than cymbidiums. the person who priced them the same does not know what they're doing.....JMO
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    I like cymbidium orchids!  I think they are gorgeous and look elegant.  But, if you have the budget and you are going for over the top, go with the phalaenopsis!
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    I can't comment on cost, but I love both phalaenopsis and cymbidium orchids.  For our beach wedding I chose to cymbidiums as one of our flowers, because IMO they look tropical and fun.  For an elegant evening wedding, I would probably choose phaleanopis orchids.  A cascading phaleanopis bouquet would look absolutely stunning and very dramatic.
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