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Hair & makeup trial

Hi Ladies!

Happy last day of work before a 4 day weekend!

So I have a planning trip to Hawaii and scheduled a hair & makeup trial during the trip-  but the MUA just emailed yesterday that she just made plans to be out of town so cannot do the trial.  We can't reschedule for another day while I'm there-  she'll be gone the whole time.  She's offered to waive her cost for the trial and reschedule it "for the next time" I'm in Hawaii.

So obviously this is annoying, I won't be back in Hawaii until our wedding.   I guess I'll just plan to reschedule my trial for just a few days before my wedding.

Do you guys think that'll work out fine?   I've already paid my nonrefundable deposit and reserved her services for the day of the wedding.  Am I making too big of a deal over being annoyed by this?  Luckily I've met this woman at a previous wedding where she did hair & makeup and I was a bridesmaid.  I figure some of you have had DW where you may not have had a trial session until just a few days prior.

Re: Hair & makeup trial

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    OK thanks,  sounds like it'll all be fine then.  I guess this is one drawback to trying to get everything settled so much in advance! 
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