Buses in NW AR area?

We want to hire shuttle buses to take people from the hotel to the wedding (this is in Fayetteville, wedding at Pratt Place, and hotels are not that far away) and we want them to be around to drive people back throughout the night.  We need buses that could transport as many as 100 people at a time on the way there (although of course we won't know until we get the RSVP's back).  MOst of the shuttle service we found can transport a max of 21 people at a time, and we'd rather rent one or two bigger buses than five smaller.  Does anyone know of actual bus companies in the area?

Re: Buses in NW AR area?

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    You will probably need a big a charter bus.  You should google companies for that.  I know our church youth group rented buses for lock outs and stuff....They will be uber pricey though.  Good luck!
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