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Question for vegetarians...

We are having a station style dinner.  We do not know of anyone who is a vegetarian off hand but would this be ok for those who are?

Plated Salad...no meat

Station One: Carving Station
Green Beans
Cinnamon Apples

Station Two: Stir Fry
Red/green peppers
Sugar Snap Peas

Mashed Potato Bar:
Garlic and regular
Sour cream
Bacon bits

The stir fry is a pick and choose and given to the guy in front of the wok and cooked for you.  Chicken does not have to be in there. The other sides at the carving station are available and the mashed pototoes are pick n choose for the toppings.

Would you be ok with this?  Also, since I'm pretty sure that its going to be just one station...is there an issue if your veggie stir fry is cooked in the same pot as someone who had chicken before you?  I'm not trying to be dumb...I just really don't know.

Re: Question for vegetarians...

  • The options seem fine to me. I usually wind up eating a bunch of side dishes at parties to avoid the meat. You've got that, plus the veggie stir-fry, so that should be fine.

    Many vegetarians will have a problem with eating out out a pan that just had chicken cooked in it, so it would be good to ask the venue/caterer if it's possible to have an extra wok available for vegetarians.
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  • A strict vegetarian will require a separate wok/saute pan for the items prepared without meat, but otherwise I think that's great.  Vegetarians will eat quite well at your wedding! 
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    If you could have a vegetarian protein (maybe edamame or tofu) in the stir fry station, that would be awesome, but if not, I think it's ok.  I would talk to your venue about having a dedicated vegetarian pan and spatula that they can pull out upon request.  

    ETA: Also, sometimes caterers use meat (stock, lard, etc.) in veggies, so you can also check to see if all the non-meat items are actually vegetarian.  And good for you for caring about this!

  • I'm a vegetarian and I would be fine with all the sides from the carving station and potatos. I personally would skip the stir fry if there was not another pan for cooking just veggies. So I concur w/everyone else, see if the caterer can get another cooking station for that table. And definitely check on anything being meat stock or lard based. If anything just to warn your veggie guests in the event the caterer can't change it. There's nothing worse than finding out mid meal that your food was cooked in pig fat!
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  • In addition to having a vege only pan at the stir fry station, I would add to your potato bar.   I would add mashed sweet potatoes as a third potato option.  I would add saute'd mushrooms and caramelized onions as additional toppings.   Several members of my family have a enzyme imbalance where eating meet (including minor amounts of drippings from a previously cooked meal in that pan) would lead to hospitalization.    The average person would not know this until it actually happened in front of them but have a separate pan for vegetables only is a great precaution to prevent the unneccessary drama.
  • I get migraines from small amounts of meat or things like chicken stock, so I would also prefer a separate pan, or a clean pan (in college, they washed out the pans between each person at the wok station in the dining hall, so that would be fine too).

    Other than that, yes, this menu looks good. I would have enough to fill up.
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  • Thanks for your help!  I'll look into it with my venue and see what we can do.
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