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Anyone here visit Bermuda either vacation, planning a honeymoon, or went on a honeymoon?  

I am planning a July 2011 trip and considering either the Fairmont or Elbow Beach resort.

Any feedback is welcome!

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Re: Bermuda

  • Hi,

    I am half-Bermudian and have gone there every year. Both hotels you listed are great hotels although I personally like Elbow Beach a little more the grounds seem bigger and they have a night club. Fairmont might but I'm not sure.

    You're going to love it the sand is gorgeous, weather is nice (and humid) and the people are great! Make sure you try the fish chowder, go to St. Georges and have a Rum Swizzle...enjoy! Oh and be careful if you rent a moped those roads aren't really made for novices.
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  • We went to Bermuda on our honeymoon and it was absolutely wonderful.  Gorgeous beaches and amazing people.  Ditto pp - definitely try some fish chowder (our fave was at the Black Horse Tavern on St David's Island) and besides rum swizzles, we also loved dark 'n stormies, which are black Bermuda rum + ginger beer.  Yum!

    We did rent a scooter but I will also have to ditto the pp - you need to be very brave and very careful!  H has motorcycle experience so I felt fairly safe with him but it would be easy to get in a lot of trouble - the roads are narrow and curvy, they drive on the left and you have to share the road with cars.  So if you go this route, be really careful!  We thought it was SO worth it because we found a lot of really secluded beaches and other spots we wouldn't have been able to get to otherwise.  We found some coves and beaches where we were the only 2 people all day!  And the sand really is pink!  If decide against a scooter, they have a terrific bus system so you'll be able to get around like that.

  • My family lives in Bermuda actually right next th Fairmont near the Lighthouse.  Its lovely! Great grounds, and lots of restaurants.  We went to dinner at Elbow Beach and that was nice too.   Either one you cant go wrong!  But the nicest one is The Reefs, its very much a honeymooners place, absolutely gorgeous, and great food and amenities....

  • I'm going there on my HM Cruise!!! AHH!!!! So excited!!!!

    Yeah thats really all I have to add in... not helpful in the least I know =)
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  • I went on a cruise to Bermuda with my family, 6 something years ago, via Celebrity cruise line. I would love love LOVE to go to Bermuda again!  The beaches are amazing! Rum swizzles, mmmm! I especially loved kayaking and drinking a beer in the water. That was so much fun!

    It is also neat to go snorkeling to see the reef and fish. :)
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  • It's beautiful! You're going to love it. As a PP mentioned, I would be careful about renting scooters. If you have prior motorcycle or scooter experience, by all means go for it. If you're a novice, then skip it. I saw way too many unfortunate tourist wipeouts when I was there, and it could ruin your entire vacation, not to mention you could really hurt yourself. Best not to risk it. 
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