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NWR: Seriously! I just don't get some people!!!! (Kind of a rant)

So I'm sure most of you who keep up with the news or at least watch that Daily Show or the Cobert Report know about the proposal to build a Mosque a couple blocks away from ground zero.  So now on to the thing that irritates me...

When FI and I started looking at houses back in January of this year,  we hadn't gotten a realtor yet, so we were just looking at houses with the realtors whom they were listed by.  Well the realtor from the first house we looked at sent me an e-mail today about the mosque at ground zero. First of all WTF, why is she e-mailing me about political issues?

She goes on in the e-mail to talk about how she is not really religious, but is horrified by the world that will be created for her children and grandchildren should this mosque be erected near ground zero.

Seriously hunny,  you live in Maine, ground zero is 9 hours away, so I don't think that even if this mosque were erected there it's going to have that horrifying of an impact on your childrens lives. 

Sorry for the ranting,  I just thought it was very unprofessional of her to e-mail me to join "her side of the battle".  Oh and after talking about how she's not riligious, she goes on to end the e-mail with "God Bless".

I just don't get some people!

Thanks for reading... FI's not home to vent to.

Re: NWR: Seriously! I just don't get some people!!!! (Kind of a rant)

  • Uhhhhhmmmm, what!? That's seriously odd. Did you email her back to be like that's super unprofessional of you and I will never choose you or recommend you as a realtor to anyone? Ridiculous!
  • let's hope that she emailed it to you by mistake... cuz that is jusst plain weird!
  • Not yet.  I really want to, but I know that FI would probably say that that would be unprofessional of me.  I just don't get it, it is really wierd and I hope I don't get anymore e-mails from her like that, or period.
  • Yeah, he would be right. My FI would say the same thing. That's just my kneejerk reaction about stuff like that. P.S. LOVE your siggy!
  • I had a similar email sent to me last week.  One of the carpet dealers we worked with once last year sent me an email about how we have to stand together and fight to create a balanced government.  Then at the end of the email she asked for MONEY to support the cause!

    I wanted to email back, but I agree that that is equally as unprofessional.
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  • hey the good news is you can cross her off the list of possibiities...

    i consider myself open-minded but it does bug me when people are so close-minded.  I at least have the respect to listen to other sides of the arguement...

    ps....we bought a house - our agent was THE BOMB....just a heads up the listing agents typically work for the people selling not buying, you need someone in your corner working for you.
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  • Whoa, I really hope she emailed you by mistake.  That's crazy unprofessional.
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  • I would stay away from her- I bet it wasn't on accident. People get all crazy about political ideas and can't understand why the world doesn't agree with them. Find another realtor.
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  • Its the opposite way but Ive had clients I worked with email me for all types of donations and "support the cause" stuff. One of them kept emailing me and eventually I had to tell her "this is my work email, please dont send this type of stuff" she was mortified, apparently she didnt know I was saved in her address book

  • I would let one slide, but if you get another I would simply reply: "Please remove me from this distribution list."

    That should do it without being too rude!  

  • It is very unprofessional of her to include you in that email. If it bothers you that much by all means email back and say "I respect your views but this is somewhat unprofessional, please do not send me emails of this nature again" Nothing wrong with saying that.

    Oh I see you are from Maine. Whereabouts? My aunt and uncle own a pretty big busines up there Edgecomb Potters. :)
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