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Bachelorette Party Ideas for a Bride that Doesn't Drink but Girlfriends who Do?

I am a bride to be who does not drink, and prefer low key gatherings with a lot of laughs, food, and opportunity to bond with my girlfriends.  Problem is that my girlfriends like a party with plenty of alcohol included.  Having alcohol around does not bother me at all, but can you give me some ideas on how to accomodate both my girlfriends' and my preferences?  Maybe a spa afternoon with dinner and slumber party?  Help!!! 

Re: Bachelorette Party Ideas for a Bride that Doesn't Drink but Girlfriends who Do?

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    Well. technically you're not supposed to plan your own b-party at all.  IF your friends/WP choose to have one for you, it's a gift they give to you, and they plan it.  It's a huge faux pas for you to plan your own.

    Now, if they're asking for you advice on what you'd like, there are plenty of options:  the spa would be great.  A chick-flick popcorn/movie night would be fun.  My DD and her WP went to Medieval Times and then to Dave and Busters.  My DIL had a "make your own designer handbag" party at a factory that makes purses.

    You can go to a sporting event or a concert. Go to a play or musical or other theater presentation.  What might you do with your friends if it wasn't a b-party?   Start thinking outside of the typical b-party bar hopping/raunchy party and you can come up with a lot of possibilities.

    But again, your WP and or friends are the ones who should be planning.
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    Well, first of all, you shouldn't be planning your own bachelorette or coming up with ideas about it. If no one offers to host one, then you don't get one.

    If your friends have offerred to host, then you can tell them that you prefer something low-key. If they are your closest friends, they probably know you don't drink. If they present you with an idea you are uncomfortable with, its ok to tell them that.

    My friends asked me what type of party I would prefer, and they gave me choices. I appreciated that, as we all have different partying styles.
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    I do not drink either and we are doing an adult toy party at my MOH's house. Sooo fun and the ladies can have drinks there if they want and if I am feeling like it we will venture out afterward.
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    who's MOH is going to get pissed if you suggest or request something. My clueless MOH wanted to do a "Passion Party" which would have probably made me so uncomfortable, I might have to run away. So please tell your party throwers the things you need or can't have. Like strippers!!!
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