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New York-Long Island

NY wedding but live in Dallas....

I will be getting married 3.30.13 at Westbury Manor but I live in Dallas, TX.  My big question is I am not sure if I should purchase my gown in Dallas and bring it on plane when I go to NY or ship it?  The other option is to purchase it in NY but that would mean I need to go back and forth and that will prob cost a lot of money....any advice?!

Re: NY wedding but live in Dallas....

  • Do you have any relatives here in NY? If so what you can do is get your dress in Dallas and get it fitted there as well. After you get it fitted you can ask the dress salon if they can ship it to your relatives in NY. You may have ot get it fitted earlier to give yourself some time but,  I think it crazy for you to come here buy your dress and come back and forth.

    Good luck!
  • Buy it in Dallas and get it fitted there.  Then, you can either ship it (I would use FedEx or UPS, make sure it's insured, and require a signature on delivery to minimize the risk of it getting lost in transit) or you may be able to carry it on to the plane on your way to NY.  I'd avoid putting it in checked luggage - I've had too many problems with bags on airlines, and it would make me very nervous to check my wedding dress.
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  • buy it and get it fitted there and then bring it with you.


  • DO NOT ship the dress! usually if you tell the flight attendant they have small closets they can keep it in for you!
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