Okay so I haven't had a huge problem with people adding +1's.  We cut those at the last minute so we weren't sooo far over.  And so far the only person to respond with out who didn't have one is FI sister!!!!  She's not in any kind of relationship so I have nooo idea who she plans on bringing.  I know I probably won't notice but I realllly don't want to be meeting people at my wedding.  Is there any way to handle this without p*ssing her off?  Or should I just drop it? 

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    I think I would make an exception for her, although it's super annoying that she would respond with a +1 rather than asking you and her brother about it first.  If you're having a numbers problem and trying to cut anyone you can, I would tell her that you'd like to be able to accomodate her, but you need to make sure you get enough "no" RSVPs before you can say for sure.  

    I don't know how old your FI's sister is, but one of my brothers is a sophmore in college and not dating anyone seriously (but has lots of female friends).  My other brother, who's 23, is invited with his live-in gf, but the younger one doesn't have a +1, but I probably will say something to him if we have room and he wants to invite a friend.  I joked with my parents that we would only let him bring this girl that we all think he should date but he says he's just friends with.  

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    I would personally let it go.   It's his sister and it's not worth starting a family rift over.  You will be having so much fun that day you won't care who she's with!
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    I agree if you can accommodate her, though it's rude, it's probably for the best. Sorry you have to deal with this. I like JessicaBessica's suggestion to tell her you'd like to accommodate, but need to make sure you have enough "no" responses.
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    Yeah it just seems weird to me.  This is one of FI's half sisters who's aunt complained about not coming.  In talking about why the sisters aunt should be invited they made the point that this sister wouldn't be bringing anyone.  It just all seems so weird.  She's in her early 30's and not dating anyone.  She didn't write who she was bringing so I have no idea.. ahhh Sorry I'm going on very few hours of sleeping and a veryyy long work week thats only half over so I'm exhausted.  I'm just afraid that if I allow this it's going to start more of a feud then if I don't.  But this sister isn't one to start anything or do this so I don't know, FI thought it was weird too.  I'll probably just drop it but I am nervous about numbers so I may have to say that we need to wait before we can confirm that.  That's what I am doing with my brother (23) also. 
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    Maybe she's bringing her aunt?  Have you thought of that?
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    I did.. but I've recently been given more information, basically she said +1 so if she's dating someone special (in the next 7 weeks) then she can bring them and if not she'll bring her other sisters friend.. This came from FI mother who brought it up on her own, which I thought was weird?  If she has a date that's one thing but to start inviting random people with a +1 you weren't given in the first place just doesn't seem right to me.  FI feels the same way and will be addressing this with her... hope it goes well...
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