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February 2011 Weddings

Picking a date?

I am looking at setting my wedding date for February 2012 - I want a winter wedding and feel that Feb is the best month for us- but I was also wondering if anyone got  a better deal cause it is an "Off" month -do valenties day weddings prevent this?  Im trying to do 2/4/12 but may have a family conflict so my other option is 2/11/12 but wanted to stay away fromt he v-day wedding.   What do you think? How did you pick your date?

Re: Picking a date?

  • We are getting married on Feb 26th this year. We picked the date because we didnt want a valentines ceremony, that just isnt our style. So we picked a later date because im a teacher and thats when my mid winter break falls. Also, we thought late feb would be better weather, less of a chance for snow or ice in wa state.

    As for discounts, we totally have gotten great discounts from the venue, the photographer, the dj and the honeymoon for booking in winter. I would reccomend really asking up front for discounts and inquiring about it. I have found that sometimes you have to speak up and ask for what you want or you wont get it. Also (and i am NOT the haggling type), i would say to drive a hard bargin with your vendors because most are willing to work with your budget especially because its the off season and they are really loving any business they get in those months. Case in point, i booked my photographers and got over 600 bucks off just by telling them my budget and tweaking the package a little bit. So awesome!

    One last thing, if you are thinking of a v day wedding be forewarned that the flowers get crazy expensive during that time and you need to book some venues early because they may have v-day parties they are getting booked for.

    Hope that helps!!
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  • I chose my date (02/20/2011) because it was the Sunday before Presidents Day. Not only did we get the standard off season rate because it was February, but it's also a Sunday, so, the discounts ended up being even deeper ... and a lot of people have off Monday. Much luck to ya! :)
  • We are getting married on 26/02/2011. Picked the date b/c we wanted it to be early in the year and ended up with FEB. Then FI mentioned that flower prices will be crazy the week or so before and of vday. So we ended up as far away in the same month as vday.  :)

  • We got great deals for having our wedding in February.  We are getting married the 26th as well.  We wanted one of the first weekends in March, but the Reception hall offered about $15/pp off our price if we did it one week earlier.  You will defintely have better time negoitating with a February date and also if you start early!!

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  • My planner cut my price a bit and so did my photographers.... looks like I should have tried harder! You ladies got some great deals! =) My date is 2-19-11 by the way.
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  • We're getting married on Sunday, February 27th. We picked the date because it was off season, it was a Sunday and it's only two days before our current anniversary. We've gotten some great discounts as well for having a wedding on Sunday and in the off-season. We also picked February because it's one of the least heavily snowy months in Colorado between Novermber and March.
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  • We are getting married Feb 4 of 2011. We picked the day because we want to have time for a short honeymoon right after, but I don't want to take too much time off of work (and FI can only get a few days of leave). This way I can take off the 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 8th and we have time for a short honeymoon. We originally chose the date in February because my dad is stationed in Iraq until at lease Jan 2011 and we had to make sure he would be in town.
    Congrats and good luck!
  • We're getting married Sunday, Feb 27, 2011. It will be the three year anniversary of our first date. Don't know so far that we've gotten any great deals for it being off-season in particular, but booking vendors has been a breeze since nobody else is crazy enough to get married around then!
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  • My venue def gave me a deal at our reception. Normally its $47/plate, we got it for $32/plate. This includes a 5 hour bar, centerpieces and the cake.

    We choose Feb. because his mom's bday is the 10th (our date is 2/19) & he hasn't spent a bday with her in the last 8 years (we're in CT and they're in Alaska).

    If you're willing to go with artifical flowers, wedideas.com is AMAZING. I went w/ them instead of real flowers because of the $$. They look phenomenal, and I love that I can keep my things instead of them dying later.

    I got a deal on my DJ and my photographer too. ($450 and $150 respectively) Those were because of the time of year, but also because I knew them. Some vendors do have some pretty awesome deals in off season. The only thing I worry about is weather.
  • We choose Feb 20th because I promised him we would only be engaged about six months.  We got lucky because it is also really cheap to get married in Feb and I am able to have my dream wedding.  We choose the 20th because I am a teacher and will be off that entire week.  We intend on having a honeymoon right after the wedding and I can't take time off of work.
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  • Yes, I did receive discounts! Our venue offers $500 for February weddings so we pushed the date up from March 13th to February 27th. We are also getting married on a Sunday in order to receive more discounts. Overall we are saving $1000 by having it on a Sunday and an additional $500 for doing it in February. 
    The only thing that might not be cheaper for you is the flowers. Because it is so close to Valentine's day, some of the florists jack up their prices. If you do it after V day, you should be fine. Also, it depends on the flowers you choose. My favorite flowers are tulips and they happen to be cheaper in February because they are in season.
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