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What's the biggest waste of money that you have come across so far related to you wedding?

Re: DQ:

  • We overpaid our deposit for our original photographer. We had issues with her cancelling our engagement photos and had to forego plans with her, but she will not return the overage payment. Back in October she said she would let me know when she sent the check, and we haven't heard from her since. She won't return phone calls or emails.

    And to top it off, she is now pregnant and on bed rest and would not be able to photograph our wedding anyway. I am so pissed about this. My parents keep telling me to forget about it, that it's not worth the stress, but I can't just forget about it. The whole thing just makes me sad!
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    My veil, as well.  That sucker was $400!  Absolutely ridiculous, considering it's a piece of tulle!
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  • Limo for sure... But also under garments! 80 dollars for a BRA!!!! CRAZY... then the slip, trumpet since I have a fitted dress and it needs alterations was almost 100 before alterations! Seriously thats freaking crazy!!!!!

  • Limo, for sure. I can't believe I'm paying $800 for a ride to the church and then the reception.
  • gifts for the bridal party and family... man did that balloon out.
  • Not thinking about what kind of dress I wanted, or really looking around. Impulse buy. Now I own two wedding dresses! LOL. Big waste of money...but even with both I am still under budget that I had orginally budgeted for myself.

  • I guess it's a good thing that I can't really think of anything. I mean, there are some things that I've bought that I wish were a little cheaper (like my long-line bra) but I wouldn't really call anything a waste of money. Our biggest splurge is probably the shuttle for our guests

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  • Just about anything related to apparel.  The price of the veil (one thin layer of tulle) shocked me to no end.  80 for a bra, and 65 for a trumpet skirt.  The price of tux rental was surprising to me too.  They cost more than my girls dresses, and they don't even get to keep them.  I looked at hair combs at DB and was shocked at how much they were.  The one I liked the best was 125 for a little comb you wear in your hair for 1 day. So far I haven't purchased one, and hope to find something I like much cheaper! But I guess I can't call any of it a waste.  It's stuff we have to have for our wedding day, and we will all look great. 
  • I can't really say anything was a waste of money- we were pretty frugal with everything.  We spent all our money on the venue and food, and I think that really makes the wedding.

    If I absolutely had to pick something, I still have a hard time paying $800 for a dress that I will wear for 8 hours.  To be completely honest, I'm still kind of, eh, about my dress.  I picked it because I thought I was running out of time and had to pick something.
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  • The magazines and planners. I spend so much time looking at things online, and my schedule is on my Blackberry, I didn't need to buy that stuff!

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  • I don't think it's really a complete waste, but the price of the limo is ridiculous. $600 for three hours of service? Granted that includes the $100 gratuity, but still? We really need to pay someone $200 an hour to drive us to two locations?
  • I have to agree with everyone about the limos... our trolley is almost $800.  

    Also things we spent way too much on:

    I don't think I "regret" any of them, but I do think that what was paid is absurd.  My mother is paying more than anyone I know for the flowers and the band, and I cannot talk her into cutting back.  It's really irritating me.  She thinks I'm being cheap, but I don't see the point in paying so much especially for flowers which only last a few days, MAYBE a week.  
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  • everything? lol at least thats my feeling about the whole damn thing this week given the news about my dad. it just all seems to silly now to be spending this much on the party when all i care about is marrying FI - which would have been like $500 just for the JOP and it could have already happened.

    anywho, once im not as cranky, id say most likely the cake. freaking expensive. id skip it but then people would complain that day and id want to slap them.

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    My hair and makeup appointments are going to be almost wastefully pricey, I think. I don't know what else though -- we were careful not to spend money on the little things because those REALLY add up over time. I'm talking favors, personalized napkins, small decorations and DIY stuff, etc.
  • Probably a tie between the limo (it's like the world's most expensive cab ride) or the hair and makeup.  I'm having a difficult time negotiating the fact that all of that cash will quite literally run down the drain at the end of the day!
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  • I'm going to go with the longline bra as well. I probably won't even end up wearing it.

    I will  have to see how it turns out, but my caterer might be a waste of money. I have just had a horrible time dealing with them.
  • Probably paying to rush ship my dress.  FH and I weren't sure when the wedding would be (he's military), so when I ordered my dress last July, we were thinking it could be a January wedding.  So my mom paid for rush shipping.  It came in last September haha
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  • Probably the spa day before the wedding - wow....waaaay more than I planned to spend. Hopefully we have an amazing time though, and it will be worth it! 



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  • We have been super frugal about the whole thing, so I feel pretty good about everything... but if I had to pick I would say definitely these three things:

    1. the undergarments - $100 for a bra and spanx? really?

    2. the limo - $925 for two cars, but my bridal party is enormous (20 people), and that was truly the cheapest company we could find that didn't have cars that smelled like vomit!

    3. Hair & make-up - if I wasn't going to be feelins so anxious that day, I would much rather save the money & do it myself... 

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  • Just put the word "wedding" in front and you get to double the price, it seems. 

    I think veils are very overprices.  Although with the amount of trials we've done with my veil, mom's spending almost as much to make it.  But we're incorporating her veil, so it's worth it. :)

    I have to say, I am willing to shell out the cash for hair and makeup because I sure didn't get those girly genes.  Maybe I just don't subscribe to the right magazines. ;)
  • I would say hair and make up. I didnt realize that i can go for prom and pay $30 at the clinique counter or even just agree to buy something but you tell them its for your wedding and all of a sudden it's triple the price... O and the big white tent/all rentals... way pricey but they will set it up a day before so I guess thats good...
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