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Would you wear a necklace with this?

I tried my dress on yesterday with my hairpiece and jewelry and since my dress has a lot of beading at the top I originally wasn't going to wear a necklace...  now after seeing these pics I'm wondering if I should...

Opinions.... Should I wear a necklace or is it better without?  If I should wear a necklace what would look best?  I already have my earrings and bracelet... they aren't a set, but they do compliment each other... would a non-matching necklace be too much variety?

Here are the pics...please keep in mind that the dress has not been altered yet and needs to be taken in in the bust area... it will fit tons better once that is done ;)


Here is a closer pic of the top... hopefully you can see the crystals and detail in the bust area....

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Re: Would you wear a necklace with this?

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