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March 2010 Weddings

Anyone else annoyed by this?

So every time someone offers me a cookie, chocolate, something sweet, etc. and I turn it down I get the "oh she's gotta fit into her dress" comment.  And last night a family member asked me if I was going to go on a wedding diet.  I looked at her and said "I don't really think I need to" and after a really long pause she was like "yeah you don't really need to."  I'm sick of it.  Just because I'm getting married doesn't mean I need to diet for it.  I just get irritated by it.  Anyone else get annoyed by this?

Re: Anyone else annoyed by this?

  • I'm a bigger girl to begin with, so I haven't had to deal with this from anyone but my grandma.  She's getting on my nerves, but it's not too bad.  I'm sorry it's so bad for you, though!

  • Ugh I know what you are talking about!  I've never been a thin girl and have always been at least a little self-conscious about my weight.  Of course, everyone has to comment on my weight (how I've lost weight or am I watching what I eat) and it drives me nuts!

  • I have a major sweet tooth and I'm always eating cand and cookies at work. Everytime I put something in my mouth, everyone always says "You better watch what you're eating or else you won't be able to fit in your dress!" I want to say "Why do you care?" but I know it's just teasing. Still, I'm like you guys. Just because I'm getting married doesn't automatically mean I'm going to starve myself for it.
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  • Well I'm glad I'm not the only one!  I just think it's rude for anyone to make comments like that.  Especially, KeyRyn - that's horrible!  It's none of their business what you eat.
  • Yup.  Hate this.  I have one professor who buys us starbucks for our group meetings with her (they are once or twice a week).  Well...I usually just get iced tea or plain coffee instead of a fussy drink...and she ALWAYS said "oh yeah...no frapps for you!  you are getting married!"  And then she had us all over to her house for a Christmas party...and I had a couple glasses of wine and dessert...and she said "Are you sure you want all that?  You have a wedding dress to wear!"

    Seriously?  I think I can manage my own weight, thanks.

  • My Mother is the worst for this and my dress is too big to begin with (bought off the rack), but she'll still say make you're going to fit into your dress!
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  • surprisingly no one says anything to me really although i have been dieting for awhile so that may be why im not sure...but i think that wld get so annoying and so rude!!
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  • I totally hate that too!  I came home for Christmas and almost every member of my family has made some comment about my weight and fitting in my dress.  I wasn't terribly self concious to begin with but am getting that way.

    My FI's grandmother is doing some beadwork on my dress (she is a seamstress) and when we are at her house she will generally comment that I can't gain any weight!

    I think that people think it is funny but don't realize that when you hear it so much you start to get irritated!
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  • my FMIL sort of does this, but she's been doing it ever since i met her... everytime i turn down anything to eat (and she's the good jewish mother who is always trying to feed everybody) she says "what are you dieting for?  you don't need to lose any weight!"  i'm like, i'm not dieting, i'm just not hungry!

    people don't realize when you have a meal, you're not thinking about the wedding that is months away, your just thinking about that meal!
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