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Canceled Out

Well, I wanted to get in a really great workout over the weekend, so I did 5.5 miles yesterday between an outside 5K and another 2.5 inside at the gym. I also did crunches and some stretching... and then undid all my hard work when FI decided that we go to Taco Mac to watch the Falcons game. I ordered a wrap with a side of fruit, but I couldn't keep my hands out of the chips and salsa that FI ordered... darn it!!
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Re: Canceled Out

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    Aw, it's okay. Just think of all of the positive things you did for your body by exercising - even if it's not losing weight.

    But overall, chips and salsa aren't the WORST thing you could have gotten into. Salsa's not really too bad for you (besides salt), the chips are more debateable.

    Also, these things happen. It's part of real life! And if you can't indulge in some chips and salsa here and there now - will you be able to do it later without going crazy? I think this is what causes us to gain weight again once we reach our goals. Just a thought :) Don't feel bad!
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  • At least you got the workout in! Some weekends, I'm pigging out watching football, and not doing anything. 

    Also, Go Falcons! 
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    Yep, I second all said. I go by the 80/20 rule. I have to allow myself to have the 20% of "bad" days so I won't end up in not being good the other 80% of the days.
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  • love that 80/20 rule!
  • Agree. If you beat yourself up over the small things, you'll end up setting yourself up for an obsession. All or nothing isn't healthy. 80/20 is realistic.

    Don't feel bad, you're doing things right! Smile
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  • Awww, thanks Ladies!

    I never really thought of it as a part of the 80/20 rule. I think that's an excellent way to keep myself from not feeling guilty if I indulge a *little* every now and then!
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  • As a dietitian I'm all about the idea of 80:20. You can't enjoy life if it's 100% 'should' foods. And studies show the more you deny yourself the cravings, the more you obsess about it.

    -Carlene RD
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