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Fake vs. Real Flowers

I was thinking I was going to do all real flowers and just buy them from Sams Club. I then decided to do 2 different centerpieces and buy fake flowers for my submerged flowers. I went to Michaels and bought 3 stems (orchids) for $6, they were 50% off. I think that's expensive, especially if they were full price. Where do you ladies buy your fake flowers?

Im stuck between purchasing fake flowers from michael's or going the cheaper route and purchasing real orchids from Sams Club.. Which eventually die. Undecided

Re: Fake vs. Real Flowers

  • Ashes_3Ashes_3 member
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    Seriously - fake flowers aren't always cheaper. We bought some of ours from Hobby Lobby. There are just for our centerpieces and rest of our flowers are going to be real and ordered from Sams Club. We're going the same route. You could always look into wooden flowers. There real pretty!
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    I am personally doing all fake flowers.  My uncle makes the arrangements for the fake flowers so the cost for me wouldnt be that much.  I like the idea of fake flowers because it is almost like a keepsake, you get a gorgeous decoration along with a gorgeous keepsake.  A friend of mine got married a few years ago and her bouquet is still in her china closet.  Your bridesmaids would all be able to keep theirs and display them if they wanted to.  I like the idea of fake, but good luck, i know cost comes in to play sometimes but there are good deals out there! GL :)
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    I'm going with real flowers for my wedding. After compairing prices the real flowers are cheaper than the fake even when they're 50% off.
  • rillarsonrillarson member
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    We're going with fake flowers and I found a florist that does it out of her home and she was very reasonable cost wise. Plus I won't have to spend around $300 to have my bouqet freeze dried. We'll have a shelf in our living room that has my bouqet and probably a picture of us together. 
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    Initially I wanted to go the fake flowers route. I wanted to order them online (the real touch ones) but in the end I went for the real thing because they turned out to be much cheaper and they were gorgeous. My bouquet was so beautiful and the flowers so perfect, that many people asked me if they were real flowers. It was also nice to be able to smell my flowers. I hope you find what you're looking for, at a reasonable price.
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    Hello.  I am a florist in Wyoming.  I would like to mention that although fake flowers will not die on you, they will collect dust for the rest of your life.  There is an upside to the death of your flowers:  no storage.  Often people find that they don't know what to do with leftover centerpieces, esp. when you concider that you may not choose to decorate your home in the same colors and style as your wedding (you did just spend a year staring at oh say pink peonies).  Additionally the other people that posted are right.  Silk are usually more expensive.  I hope you find this helpful. 
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