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March 2011 Weddings

Knottie of the week

It has been a crazy, hectic week and I completely forgot about Knottie of the week.

Names of the couple? 
Kelly & Jeremy

Wedding Date? 
March 18, 2011

Ages of the couple? 
I'm 28 and Jeremy is 25.

Occupations and dream occupations of the couple?
I'm a social worker and he is a sheriff's deputy.

How long have you been dating? 
1 1/2 years

Where did the you meet? 
Jerm & I met at a party at a mutual friend's house.  Although, we did go to high school together, but we had never met.

Most exciting thing about wedding planning so far? 
They most exciting thing for me is that Jerm is so involved, which I found quite odd for him. 

Have you gotten the dress yet? If so pic please! 
Yes, but I don't have pictures on this computer.

House or apartment?

Big budget or small budget? 
Small - Lots of DIY (good thing I enjoy that stuff)

Any favorite vendors yet? 
Our photographer.  She's awesome!

Colors or theme? 
Sangria and Silver with a green accent.

What have you guys agreed on or disagreed on? Any happy mediums? 
We really have not disagreed on much of anything.  Knock on wood.

Any children yet or fur babies? 
2 furbabies.  Tank and Neicy.  I'm constantly reminding them that they are dogs and not cats or Houdini. 

Kids at wedding? 
Yes and we have special goody bags for the kiddos.

Where are you honeymooning? 
We're still deciding, but at the top of our list is an AI Resort in     Pu nta Cana.

Favorite book? 
I love the Harry Potter series.

Favorite movie? 
Top Gun

Favorite TV show? 
The Office and Weeds

Favorite wedding dress designer? 
I don't really have one.  I didn't even know the designer of my dress until they were writing it on the order form. 

What is something you wish you could have at the wedding but don't? 
My grandpa, but I know he'll be there in spirit.

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