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Registering for a Bridal Shower

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to register for a bridal shower. people are going to bring wedding gifts and I feel weird registering . I don't want people to buy two gifts . What do I do? Is it polite to register for a shower?


Re: Registering for a Bridal Shower

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    [QUOTE]Yes, you should register.  People usually shop off the registry for both, although in some areas people buy off the registry for the shower and then give cash or a gift card for the wedding. Register, or you'll get a slew of random white elephant gifts.
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    Thank you :)
  • your registry is used for the shower AND wedding.  Its not two separate registries (I think I'm reading that wrong so that may not be what you were asking).  You don't really "have" to register but if you don't have a registry you shouldn't have a shower. End of the day, better to have at least a small one or yes you most likely will get random gifts since some people do not like giving money. 

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