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What to do with your bouquet after

Just had my wedding on Thursday and thankfully my bouquet is in pretty good shape.  What do I do with it?

Re: What to do with your bouquet after

  • HobokensFuryHobokensFury member
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    I put mine in a vase and let it dry out. It's still there.
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  • I did receive a Tiffany's vase for a wedding gift... I could put it in that...
  • MyNameIsNotMyNameIsNot Atlanta member
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    I left mine in a vase while we went on our HM.  It didn't look good when we got back, so I tossed it.

    I have a crafty friend who made a project with hers.  She dried the flowers and pressed them flat, glued them to a canvas, and then painted over the whole thing with a transparent pink paint.  It sounds weird, but it turned into a super cute piece of art.  
  • I have no idea what happened to mine and didn't even think about it until now. 
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  • Avion22Avion22 member
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    Threw it away.   It was a little wilted the morning after, but I never had any plans to keep it or do anything special with it.  
  • I tried to dry some of the flowers from it, but I think it was too humid here while we were on our honeymoon and it didn't work out, so it went in the trash.  I did keep the ribbon from it though.
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  • I wanted to dry it out and do something with it, but when we returned from the HM, it just looked awful, so I trashed it.

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  • Trashed it. My mom took a lot of the loose stems from the centerpieces and took them to my grandmothers and great aunts, and they loved that.
    But they went the way of most flowers... trash.
  • I bought a Christmas ornament at a glass blowing place in Bermuda (where we married and honeymooned).  I broke off some petals of my bouquet, my husband's bout, my MOH's bouquet, and the Best Man's bout and placed them inside the glass ornament.  I closed it up, and put it away to go home.

    The plan was for the petals to dry out.  Well - they molded instead.  Good thought, but not quite the intended result due to the high humidity.  In the end, everything was trashed and the ornament was cleaned.  We still have it!  Just sans flowers.
  • Unfortunatly my husband and I are allergic to real flowers. So my MIL made my boquet and it came out amazing! Now I can pass down the dress and flowers to my daughter!
  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's member
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    I gave it to my MIL to enjoy while H and I were on our HM.  I am guessing that when it started to die she just trashed it.  I didn't have any plans to save it or do something crafty with it.  I find it depressing to look at dried out and brown flowers that used to be lush and beautiful.  If I want to remininsce about my bouquet I will look at my pictures.

  • I put it in a vase and left it there until it died.
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  • BFF kept the ribbon and used it in a scrapbook she made. 

    I'm using feathers. Flower prices gave me sticker shock for something that dies and gets thrown away, plus we're getting married during Lent so we can't bring flowers into the church. 

    I love the ornament idea!
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  • I\ve heard you can freeze-dry your bouquet and have it framed with wedding photos. I'm thinking that's quite expensive though. I'm not getting married until Nov 2013 but I will probably throw mine out.

    I like bridalmarch's idea of using the ribbon to make a scrapbook!
  • I love this idea. They make jewelry out of the flowers themselves... crush the petals and make beads, or they can do all kinds of other neat stuff.
    I'm making a vintage brooch bouquet for my wedding, so I'll simply put mine on the shelf in our bedroom after the wedding.
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  • I hung mine upside down to dry in the closet... its still hanging there. I am hoping to put it in a shadowbox on the wall at some point.
  • Not worth it to dry them unless you can actually make a piece of art like someone suggested- I came across my mom's bouquet from 30 years ago crumbled up and taking up space in a box in their attic- we laughed for a while and ditched it- they looked pretty pathetic in that state.
  • When one of my bridesmaids was still dating her husband, she used to save all the flowers he gave her and, after they died and dried out, she turned them into potpourri. She did the same with her wedding bouquet, but unfortunately doesn't have a clue where the sachet ended up after two kids and three moves!

    I always thought that was a cool thing to do, though. When a friend of ours got married, I caught her bouquet and as it just so happened, my fiance caught the garter. That wedding was two years ago, and lo and behold, Fiance and I got engaged this June. So I'm saving the garter to use as my own garter, and I dried her bouquet as best I could, put the dead blossoms into a little fabric pouch with some lavendar oil and allspice, secured it shut with the original ribbon and pins and... voila! A potpourri sachet to give back to the bride for her next birthday.
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