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September 2012 Weddings

Kids table?

Another knottie brought up a good point and now I'm on the fence with having a kids table. A majority of them are 6+, the ones that are younger I would keep with their parents. The others are 6,7, 8,9, and 10. (We also have a few that are 11-13) Should I keep them with their parents, or continue with the idea of a work book and coloring tools?

Re: Kids table?

  • I think the kid's table is fine. Keeping the younger ones with their parents makes sense but the one's that are 6+ that you are talking about will be fine at a kid's table. They will be entertained, it gives the parents a break and really what trouble can they get into in a room FULL of adults? People will be keeping their eye on them so don't worry about it. That's my 2 cents :)
  • i think thats a great idea...kids love to play together!
  • We are having the teens sit at teen table, near the DJ.  Kids younger than 10 with be with their parents.  Plus as an added bonus our ballroom has a smaller attached room that wiil be used as a kids activity area and will be set up with tables, chairs, items to keep them busy along with TV and DVD  player plus plenty of movies.
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  • We are not doing a kids table, but sitting them with their parents so that their parents are there in the event they are misbehaving. We are however leaving a colouring book and crayons at the seat of every child.
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    We are inviting very few children (immediate family only).  They will be sitting with their parents.
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