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Need opinions please & thank you :)

My FI and I have been living together for a year and own a house. To make a long story short, there is nothing that we really need. I can think of a full set fo silverware, but other than that, our house is fully furnished. Items for our hobbies (he plays guitar and I am a photographer) are something that is just too expensive to put on a registry.

My question is, since I will not have any registries, is it rude to tell someone (only if they ask and if they would like to give a gift) that cash or gift cards to certain places would be a good gift for us? I feel like the gift cards are nothing to worry about, but I feel like asking for cash would be a sticky subject? I do not want people going out and buying us things that they think we may need (pots, pans, etc) just to have us return them since we have items like that. I do not want to waste anyone's time or hurt anyone's feelings.

Input of any kind would be great; thanks for reading :)

Re: Need opinions please & thank you :)

  • I'd be a bit more coy about it.  "Oh, we're saving for X item at Y store for the living room and just couldn't use another 'thing'."

    Of course, that's only if people actually ask.
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    I wouldn't actually say we need cash, but more, "well, we really have everything we need around the house, but we're saving toward doing some home improvements" or whatever your next goal is. 
  • Thanks for the responses. I appreciate it. After thinking about it, adn how my family is, just saying we would prefer money would not set oevr so well. Thanks again!
  • I would register for some things because there are some people who want to give an actual gift. But also have your family spread the word that you are saving for something. That way you are not offending anyone and you don't get odd presents. All of my friends who didn't register said they wished they had because they ended up with things they really didnt like and no idea where to return them.
  • Good question... people are so easily offended these days though. I really wouldn't know how to handle that situation. But I can say this, i was invited to a couple's shower once and they did register at a specific store but when I went to the store and printed out the registry it was like one and half pages long. There wasn't much to choose from and there wasn't much left over to choose from so I ended up putting money in an envelope. And it turned out a lot of other people did the same.

    You definitely have me thinking on that one...
  • Some things you may have not thought f:

    dehydator ( to fry food and make jerky)
    meat grinder
    meat slicer
    electric knife
    heated mattress pad
    sewing machine
    fireproof safety box
    lawn decor
    light fixtures
    patio furniture
    food saver
    card table
    extension ladder
    power washer (to wash cars and house)
    carpet cleaner
  • food saver
    digital pic frame
  • it is perfectly acceptable to say that you would really like money if people ask, but I agree with some of the PP's about wording it in a way that shows that you have a specific purpose or purchase in mind so they know that you aren't just asking for money for whatever.  It would also be a good idea to register for a few keepsake gifts or little household items that could use replacing because some people (especially older guests) really like to actually pick out an item to wrap and bring to the wedding.  It doesn't have to be much, but just a little something.
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