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What has been your favotire part so far?

What has been your favorite part of the wedding process so far?

I have 2 favorite parts; the first was finding the wedding location and "clicking" with the coordinator. I feel that because of him keeping an eye on things the day of that everything will be perfect that day! I have complete confidence in him.

My second (ok so its more of a tie for first) favorite part was finding my wedding dress! I had looked at David's Bridal and found some that could be contenders but I wasn't over the moon excited about them. So I went to Strut in Arizona, they specialize in plus size wedding dresses. I tried on about 7 dresses, each a different style and dress number 6 was it! The funniest part is when the consultant pulled the dress off the rack I wasn't a fan of it but I still was going to try it on because I know that sometimes if you don't like the way it looks on the rack you'll love the way it looks on. That turned out to be exactly the case with this dress.
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Re: What has been your favotire part so far?

  • Letting friends and family know that we set a date :D
  • My fave part so far has been finding the venue...it was SO PERFECT and i almost cried pulling into the parking lot because i could so see me getting married there. I wish i could say that dress shopping has been the best, but i have only gone once...for some reason i am really resistant to it...
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  • I love showing people my projects. I am such a nerd, I made a coffee filter bouquet for a friends wedding and people kept saying how they didnt think it was fake. I plan to make my toss this way too.

    Dress shopping was amazing! I chose 2 shops highly reccomended on my local board for their service and supply of Maggie Sottero dresses, I was so excited to go to the second shop after feeling so important at the first shop! Well worth the 2 hour drive!
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  • Shannon, where did you say you are getting married? I have been trying to figure out how to get reviews from my local boards, but they have made it so dang hard in DFW! :) either that or i am just not picking the right people... :)

    Is there somewhere you guys can recommend to find wedding reveiws besides wedding wire and knot? it seems like they only have advertised vendors...
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  • Our wedding is North of Boston on the New Hampshire line at the Haverhill Country Club, I couldnt get reviews for my photographer or venue, noone had used either, but one girl said she had considered the venue but wasnt big enough for her 200+ guests.. eek!

    I really have only used theknot for my local board/budget/DIY and now here since we're more active, other than that mostly done google searches when looking for ideas.
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