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Nevada-Las Vegas

Wedding venue - Strip chapel or hotel chapel? HELP!!!


I am planning my Vegas wedding as a destination wedding and we live in Australia, so cannot pop over to check out venues. I think I am going INSANE! I have looked at I think every review, looked through youtube videos...and it is just overwhelming. I think it is always different once you have seen a place, so can you PLEASE help me?

FI wants to get married indoors ie we will be in a chapel, so we are completely weather independant, we are getting married in April. We definitely want it to be a classy event and don't want it to be tacky/ dirty. I have looked at all the big hotel chapels and the thing I am slightly worried about is that our small group will "get lost" in the bigger chapels? Does that make sense? I have looked at Chapel of the flowers and Mon Bel Ami as an alternative and I think they look lovely, but FI is worried they might look cheap once you get there? Do the surroundings take away from the impression? Please girls that have been there - Is it a nice and romantic spot? Or does it have the feel of in and out?

Thank you so much, I had no idea I was such an indecisive person!!!
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Re: Wedding venue - Strip chapel or hotel chapel? HELP!!!

  • No real opinion on the two you have listed, although CoF gets good reviews on here quite often.  We picked the Little Church of the West because we thought it looked the least tacky.  It is also a national landmark.  Click!
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    Thanks Brittney, I will check it out now! Did you have a look at hotel chapels as well?
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  • i love little church of the west - if i was doing a strip chapel with a small group that would definitely be my choice. The only other chapel i saw in person was at Mandalay bay which was also lovely - but chapel of the west is very quaint and cozy
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  • The chapel at MB looks pretty for a chapel...I also like the Skyline Chapel at the Imperial Palace. With any chapel, though, I worry about the cheese factor...
  • We used COF. We were very happy with the chapels and the grounds. We opted for the more traditional Victorian chapel with the chandeliers, marble flooring, wood pews and high ceilings. 

    Their photographers are really great too.
  • We are going with the little church of the west.  We also checked out CoF it was pretty but little chruch was so quaint and beautiful.
  • Thank you, looks like I really have to add little church of the west to the mix since all of you who have seen it love it so much!
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