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My fiance and I are not members of a church. We are looking for a church that will marry us as non members- preferrably close to Prior Lake, MN. He grew up Catholic, so has not been impressed by any of the churches we have visited, because they do not have that grandeur look of a Catholic Church. We need help! Does anyone have suggestions of churches (non-denominational, Methodist, or Presbyterian) near the area of Prior Lake that are large enough to fit 300, and have that "church" look and feel?

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  • Hi there! Your best bet is to look on the local Minnesota boards. This is an international board, so unfortunately the best we can do is suggest you try google.


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  • I'm a fellow MN bride having a church wedding. When we got engaged, my fiance and I were not active members of a church as we were currently in the process of looking for a home church.

    I would recommend just opening the phone book/looking online for churches in the Prior Lake area. Look at pictures of the church online. Then just call the church to see what their rules are. I ran in to so many churches where you had to either 1) be a member of their denomination, 2) be a member or regular attender (6+ months), or wait till 6 months before the wedding to reserve your day there.

    Good luck!
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