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September 2012 Weddings

Color palette not working for male attendants?

I feel so far behind all of you, but I have only been engaged for about 3 weeks. :) For colors, I am thinking chocolate brown with bright pink and orange. However ... what to do for the guys stumps me. The bridesmaids and flower girls will, of course, love the pink ... but I don't want my groom and his attendants in tuxes with hot pink accessories!!! Any ideas .... ???

Re: Color palette not working for male attendants?

  • Orange would be fine for the guys or you can keep them neutral off white or beige colors.
  • I think if you had darker shades of each the male attendants wouldn't mind so much.
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  • I have the same colors! Girls will be in deep brown dresses and guys with black tux pink vest/tie
  • I think having the guys in a brown vest/tie with orange bout combo would look good. Even if the girls are in bright pink, the guys don't have to match them exactly but if they have orange in their bouquets it will all tie in and look great together.
  • I agree with this. It'll look fine! :)

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  • You could just put them in black tuxes with a black vest and a white shirt. then bring in pink or orange (or both) with their boutonnieres. There are rose varieties that have both a pink and an orange color in them. 

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  • Now we may have a late morning wedding (depending on which venue we choose), so tuxes might be a moot point. I think they'd be happier wearing a tie with some pink or orange in it if they are in a suit, lol. 

  • I think the men will wear whatever you ask them too. It is you wedding after all. Laughing
  • My future sister in law just got married 3/25 and we were talking about colors for my wedding and she said the bride gets to pick the colors and so on and the men will just have to accept it and move on.... my fiance's fav color is red and mine is purple I was going to go with red and white but maybe red and a dark purple.... any way choose whatever will make you happy guys usually aren't that picky on what they wear.
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