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Flower Girl dresses- on ebay for super cheap- any thoughts?

OK, so we looked at DB for a FG dress and they were about $120 for a plain white dress. We are going to get ribbon to match my sash and make one for her. I was looking online for other options (suggestions anyone?) and came across an ebay store- a pretty plain white dress is only $11. I mean, I know things are too good to be true but it says "new" and there are tons of them.

Do you have any feedback about this?? THoughts? Other online suggestions?

Re: Flower Girl dresses- on ebay for super cheap- any thoughts?

  • Check the seller's feedback.  You aren't seeing the quality of the fabric. 

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  • I actually thought about buying from this seller until my mom decided to make our FG dress.  I would totally do it.  If nothing else, you are only out the $11. 


  • hmm I wouldn't trust it, try I typed in flower girl dresses and found a range between 25 to 50
  • the dress on ebay doesnt seem to be that great of quality but you should check they have a dress similar to the one you want and they have different color sashes to choose from
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  • My flower girl's dress came from Ebay. It was only $20. We're just adding a sash to match the bridesmaids. The flowergirl dresses at DB and other shops are outrageously overpriced. Seriously, little girls will look cute in any dress you put them in. Plus, there's no point in spending so much on a dress they will outgrow and probably dirty instantly.

    I say go for it!
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