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We went to check out wedding rings yesterday for the first time, but i'm not sure what's "normal" to spend on them.  If you don't mind me asking, can anyone tell me how much you spent on yours?  The ones we picked out would be about $1800 for the 2, and I'm not sure if it's typical to spend that much.  Thanks!

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    I'm cheap.  Mine cost $205.  the Hubs was like $150.  But mine doesn't have any diamonds.
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    I think it totally depends on the materials the ring is made out of, the bling that may or may nt be on them, and where you get them.  For example, my husband's ring, which is a very simple band of tungsten carbide, was $100.  My ring, which has pave diamonds around 3/4 of the band, is platiunum, and was custom-made to match my engagement ring, was about $1800.  ;) So there's quite a range...
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    The one I'm looking at is white gold with diamonds and will be around 500. FI is being a pain and just wants to wear the claddagh ring I got him for christmas last year as his wedding band. I'm attempting to sway him... The one I'm looking at for him is about $200 though.
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    Ours were cheap as heck. Mine's $200, which is only a third of my e-ring. And his was only $90. But it's whatever you like and whatever's in your budget. Our budget is very small, but even so, we found rings we adore. So if you like a ring that's $100, go for it! Or if you want something a little flashier that costs $1000 and you can afford it, go for that, too!
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    As PP said, there is a range that you can spend and it definitely depends on the material. My best advice to you is to shop around as much as possible.  I was able to get a custom made, platinum and diamond ring for less than half of what I was quoted at first.
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    It depends.  We spent a little under $1800 on both rings.  Mine was more expensive, as it has diamonds all the way around the band to match my e-ring.  FI got titanium, which was a lot less.  I think it depends
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    My advice is shop around. We were quoted quite a range for my ring... I have a channeled diamond eternity band to match my channeled sides of my e-ring. We were quoted everywhere from $2000 for my ring to $1000.... For the same RING! Shop around... My DH ring cost $200... he got Cobolt... similar to Tungsten, the new trend but stronger... I got my ring for $1000.... so it was $1200 for both.. We went to Barsky Diamonds on Jewelers Row. Told him what we wanted and how much we wanted to spend.... Nathan was GREAT! I believe Care used him too...
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    My FI and I just got our wedding bands at Kay Jewelers.  His was actually a little more expensive than mine, he got a plain white gold band 6 mm and mine was white gold with 1/8 carot diamonds.  It came out to around $700 and we got $200 in santa dollars since they had their deal of every $300 you spend you get a $100 voucher.
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    I spent $165 on mine for a plain white gold band with no diamonds or anything but it's like my mother's which is what I wanted..  FI got a $75 steel ring that is really cool and he loves it. 
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