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April 2011 Weddings

Guet List Question...

So I have guest lists coming in from multiple people but can's seem to figure out how to add to my original list. Anyone able to help?

Re: Guet List Question...

  • Can you clarify a bit? Do you mean that your location doesn't hold the number of people that your list is adding up to and you don't know how to cut it back? Or do you mean that you don't know if you should add people you don't know? Or is your question about something else all together?
  • You should invite people who YOU and your Fl want to invite. for example... Who cares if your mom wants you to invite her best friends brother.. If you don't want to include them in your guest list you don't have to.

    If your budget allows it and the venue has room and both you and Fl are ok with it why not.

    Best of luck!
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  • I'm a little confused by this too...

    However I just put everything in an excel sheet. Lol, we're inviting half of the city of Cleveland and 1/4 the city of buffalo to my wedding so ya know whatever lmfao.
  • LOL, swtasa - that's how I read it to, adding to an list in excel.
  • I'm planning on using an excel sheet. We're only 1 week into planning, but I'm planning long-distance(Memphis is 6 hours from my home town). I plan on looking at venues Easter Weekend, so I've asked my parents, My fiance, and his parents to work on a rough list so I can have a rough estimate for looking at venues. It will be easier to start in an excel sheet just listing names. As time goes on, I'll add addresses, and then Yes/No attending, etc..
  • Try google documents.  You can invite people to either view or be able to edit.  It's like excel, but you don't ever have to merge multiple lists/e-mail the list back and forth/etc.  Everyone contributes to the same list.

    I have done this for my guest list, and it's amazing!  My mom and fiance's family can go and inset addresses and phone numbers and stuff, and I see all of their changes when I log on.
  • Just looked at this...it's been awhile! Thanks for the help everyone. My post was super confusing so sorry about that!! haha
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