DJ Review - Non-Stop Entertainment & Music in Motion

Has anyone booked Non-Stop Entertainment (Brookfield) or Music in Motion (Woodstock)?? They both have good reviews, but as I have heard a DJ (or band) can make or break a wedding therefore I'm a little nervous making my judgement on a handful of reviews over the past couple of years. Both DJs have all 5.0 ratings on wedding wire, but Non-Stop has more and also has great reviews on Yelp. On the other hand Music in Motion is a few hundred dollars cheaper. Now that I'm writing all this out I think I know who I would choose (!) but in the meantime does anyone have any reviews?! Thank you!

Re: DJ Review - Non-Stop Entertainment & Music in Motion

  • lilbitbeakerlilbitbeaker member
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    I had the same question as Im looking at those as well!

    I see from your ticker that youre getting married exactly one week before me! 
    I guess that saves us stress on clashing if we choose the same one LOL
  • nicas828nicas828 member
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    Not sure if this will help any but I went to a wedding in Green Bay that used Music In Motion and it didn't seem like the DJ was prepared.  There was about 20 minutes after dinner where there was not music playing at all and the DJ needed to move his equipment over about 10 feet.... not sure why.  Maybe because he was behind some curtains during dinner on stage, while the wedding party was in front of the curtains.  Once dinner was done, the bridal party continued the party down below with the other guests, but I don't think it caused for good reason to not have music playing somehow after dinner.  The music selection was limited.  I asked for a couple songs that he didn't have.  And the dj himself seemed rather obnoxious, but that's just my own personal opinion. 

    I know nothing about Non-Stop Entertainment but I hope this helps a bit. 
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    I had Music in Motion and my DJ (Rob) was awesome! Dance floor was packed the entire night!
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