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I get a call from a friend of the family and she goes "I know this isn't on your registry but I found this really cool stone replica of your dog and its life size!" 

WHAT!? what made her think that I would ever want a life size stone replica of my dog in my house? I love my dog, but damn......I couldn't even fake being nice about it.  Mainly, because I thought she had to have been joking.....so I may have come back with "Oh, that's great, I'll put that by the front door to guard the house and then I'll get replicas of my parents to stand over our bed at night" 

Found out she was totally serious.....may have hurt her feelings a bit...but at least I know now she'll stick to my registry. I'm still floored......stone dog...???

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Re: odd?

  • That is hilarious!  I feel a wee bit bad for your friend who thought it was a great present, but that is still a funny story.  I'm totally dog-obsessed, and even I think that's crazy.

  • I doubt many people would have thought that was a serious gift, unless you are a collector of everything dog.  Maybe you could tell her that while you love the thought, all you can think about is dusting it and how frustrating that would be, but a smaller dog you can put on a shelf would be perfect, that way she can still get you the gift she wanted, but when you see if you only think nice thoughts instead of being annoyed whenever it comes time to clean it, (or at least you can tell her that's the reasonWink).
  • Please tell me you have a small breed.
  • hahahahhahahahhahha too funny. hahahaha i can't stop laughing.
  • I love my dogs... But, I totally agree! Totally odd.

    I mean--if it's not on your registry, then her feelings shouldnt be hurt... IMO.
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  • lol ur friend is cute, thats something my friends would offer me im totally dog obsessed and actually have 2 dog statues at my house not life like replicas but i would say about 3 or 4 feet high, hope ur friend didnt get offended
  • LMAO! Really?
  • That is funny and I laughed my head off. Then I remembered my dad gave me one of those dog statues (It's a rottweiler) my parents used to have in their house to guard my house and apparently "cause" burglars to think twice. And you're right ... I hate dusting it and can't give it away. Be thankful its a friend and not a family member doing it to you!! Laughing
  • nana9nana9 member
    Wow...I'm sure your friend truly thought it was a good idea...she was just a little misguided. Hope her feelings aren't hurt. Having said that....I'm glad none of my friends follow her line of thinking as I have 2 St. Bernards!!!!!
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