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Honeymoon Cruise---Which one to pick?

Hello!! My fiance and I are starting to look at honeymoons... specifically cruises. How do you pick one!? They're are so many options and I feel a little overwhelmed by all the options. Anyone have any advice on how they picked their cruise over the others? Any help would be great! 
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Re: Honeymoon Cruise---Which one to pick?

  • What part of the world would you like to visit? I would start there and then start looking at the different lines that service that area.
    Make sure you look into the ports that you want to visit versus the ports that are serviced by the itinerary you choose.
    Good luck!
  • Aside from the "niceness" of the ship, we chose our cruise based on the ports of call...  We decided on Asia.  Where do you want to visit?

    This site should help a lot:

  • As far as which cruise line... I have been on Royal Caribbean twice and Carnival once. If your decideding between these two, I would say Royal Caribbean for sure! Better food, service and ship!

  • I have been on 9 Royal Carribean cruises and have LOVED all of them! Look at the bigger ships - much more to do!
  • Ditto PP's tip on Cruise Critic.  There are tons of reviews and places to post questions (like TK for cruisers!).  I would recommend choosing your cruise line and destination, then pairing it down from there.  Cruise lines are all different and can really affect your experience.  DH and I just booked a cruise for our belated HM.  We chose Celebrity as it seems like a sophisticated ship with better service/food. 

    If you are hoping to leave for your HM immediately after your wedding, you may have a much more challenging time finding the trip you want on the day you want.  It helps to be flexible.  Good luck!
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